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Art Appreciation Visual & Performing Arts Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


discussing the ARTISTIC attributes the provided works OF art


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Art Appreciation
Identifying the Work
The exhibit is located at the Kennedy-Douglas Art Center. This exhibition is being viewed in Florence city, in the State of Alabama. The presentation I am viewing is of vital importance to the people of Florence and those interested in learning the history of this historical city. Moreover, the art exhibit was named “A Bicentennial Portrait Exhibition.” The uniqueness of this exhibition emanates from the fact that the portraits that were on display were loaned from various sources such as local families, private collectors and house museums.
As such, this exhibition was a group show as it entailed the illustration of works from many artists. Nonetheless, the exhibition focused only on the portraits of families and individuals that played significant roles in the development of Florence. In line with this focus, the exhibition was named as the “Faces of Florence. The exhibit commenced on April 2nd and will close on 8th of May. Consequently, anyone that is interested in exploring the historical faces of Florence still has to visit the Kennedy-Douglas Art Center. According to the Kennedy-Douglas Art Center, this exhibition entails portraits of early settlers to Lauderdale County and Florence. In this respect, this exhibit presents citizens with a rare opportunity to understand the history of this historic city comprehensively.
The exhibition entailed portraits from prominent founders of the city of Florence such as Mary Chalmers Hood, John Coffee, and Mary Donelson Coffee. However, this analysis will focus on three unique portraits that I found attractive and interesting. These three portraits are those of John Coffee, Mary Donelson, and Andrew Jackson. The inclusion of Jackson’s portrait in this exhibition is attributed to the significant role he played in the development and stabilization of the southern states.

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