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Art in the Renaissance Period (Research Paper Sample)

research paper on Art in the Renaissance Period in relation to Painting, Architecture, and Sculpture source..
Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: Art in the Renaissance Period The Renaissance was a cultural movement between 14th century and 17th century that began in Italy. It speared to various parts of Europe. It was characterized by innovative techniques that rendered natural reality in painting, architecture, and sculpture. This paper discusses these three artworks during Renaissance period. Painting The renaissance painting encompasses the works of Giotto and Michelango. Most painters were preoccupied with several themes that guided their works. These themes included subject matter and execution. They concerned what was painted and the specific style that defined painting. Most painters had relative freedom regarding what to paint and the style by which it was supposed to be painted compared to the painters during the medieval period. Painters depicted humanity through symbolic portrait narrative element. An artist, Piero della Francesca worked on the Flagellation of Christ that demonstrated a work of a variety of themes (Janson, 98). These themes were manifested in elements and the subject matter. The elements included tiled floor that combined to create two spaces. Piero lit the inner spaces by use of unseen light in which Jesus looks. There were religious themes manifested in this work. Architecture Renaissance architecture existed between 15th and early 17th centuries. It occurred in various parts of Europe. This work of art manifested a conscious revival of the development of some aspects of Greek and Roman thought. It came after the Gothic architecture. It emphasizes the symmetry, geometry and proportion. The architecture was one of a kind during this period. It demonstrated aspects of classical antiquity. The lintels, plasters and columns were arranged in order. The renaissance architecture encompassed the use of hemispherical domes, aedicules, semi-circular arches and niches that took the place of the irregular structures of medieval buildings (Janson, 99). This architectural style began in Florence and brought to being by various architects that wanted to resuscitate the past order. Italian architects preferred well-defined forms and structural members that expressed their purpose. Buildings that demonstrate this style include the Pisa Cathedral and Florence Baptistery. Sculpture Renaissance sculptors displayed examples of the Greek sculpture unlike the renaissance painters that had no cases of antique painting to refer to. For example, Giotto, the first renaissance painter constructed his own foundations while Nicola Pisano, the first renaissance sculpture had pre-existing sculpture upon which he build his works. The foundations that formed the basis on renaissance sculpture existed during the Dark Ages and the medieval era. Individualism was a key feature in the sculpture and painting (Janson, 103). Individual artist concentrated on their works and displayed various aspects of sculpture. Pisano’s son emerged a vivid embodiment of the renaissance sculpture. Naturalism was manifested in sculpture through the rise of temporary subjects. In addition, there were more naturalistic handling of drapery, proportions and anatomy. During this period, classical subjects and forms remerged. The time of Nicola Pisano saw the revival of classism in sculpture. Th...
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