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Anatomy and Physiology. How Angina pectoris affects the Cardiovascular system. (Research Paper Sample)


the task is on how angina pectoris affects the cardiovascular system
it is about the signs and symptoms of angina, its treatment. does the narrowing of the arteries cause angina pectoris?


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How Angina pectoris affects the Cardiovascular system.
The cardiovascular system is a system with the heart as the main organ with a network of blood vessels which are responsible for transporting nutrients and oxygen as well as other materials within the blood and the removal of metabolic waste materials.
Angina pectoris is a condition that affects the heart and is characterized by a feeling of squeezing, strangulation and excessive pressure within the chest region. This attributed to insufficient oxygen supply within the tissues of the body which eventually result in reduced available nutrients for proper functioning of the heart muscles. Thus the heart muscles are strained. It can be experienced while one is either sleeping or at rest. The disease is felt like a form of pain that proceeds from the center of the chest and may often spread to the left of the heart affecting the shoulders and the arms as well as the neck, back of the body or jaw of the mouth.
The primary cause of Angina Pectoris is atherosclerosis, also known as platelet et aggregation. Other reasons include- nonvascular mechanisms such as hypoglycemia, increased metabolic requirement, i.e., hyperthyroidism as well as spasms within the coronary artery. Atherosclerosis is preceded by formation of plaque within the arteries leading to their blockage.

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