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The Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Genetic Disorder

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Genetic Disorder
The Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance
This theory holds that the chromosomes facilitate the passage of genetic information from one generation to another. Waddington stated that the chromosomal theory of inheritance was propelled by both Walter Sutton and Theodor Boveri and was based on three assumptions (342). First, was the idea that both genes and chromosomes in an organism are in pairs in a diploid cell. Besides, among the pair one element came from the father while the other from the father. Secondly, the pair of genes and chromosomes is separated during meiosis. Lastly, the paired form of genes and chromosomes are reinstated during fertilization.
Chromosomal abnormalities refer to form of disorders where the entire or large section of the chromosomes are duplicated or deleted. This condition in an organism can result in genetic disorders since chromosomal abnormalities affect the genome. Therefore, it can be asserted that chromosomal abnormalities cause genetic disorders because it results in irregularity of the genetic materials contained chromosomes.
The Relationship between Chromosomes and DNA. There exists a common relationship between chromosomes and DNA since the two elements co-exist in an organism cell. According to Waddington, (206) this assertion is evident since the chromosomes in a cell of an organism act as a structure that holds the coding DNA on the chromosome string and the non-coding DNA which is usually between the chromosome string and the genes. Additionally, both chromosomes and DNA in an organism are related since function uniformly.
Genetic Disorder
Wilson disease is one type of a genetic disease that prevents the liver from removing extra copper in the body. The failure of elimination of extra copper from the body results in accumulation of copper in the brain, eyes, liver, and other body organs (NHGRI). This genetic condition is triggered by an inherited autosomal recessive mutation from the parents or as a result of a change in the ATP7B gene. However, the affected child ought to acquire the genetic material mutation from both parents so as to have an augmented possibility of this genetic disorder. In cases where a child acquires the gene from one parent, he or she becomes a carrier of the disease and can relinquish it to the next generation.
Since the Wilson genetic disorder affects various body parts, it is associated with many symptoms. Early symptoms of the disease are observed in the liver which is related to the liver disease. For example, a patient affected by this illness may lose w...
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