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Business Study (Research Paper Sample)


The task was to carry out a research about Grilsch Beer and how it is selling in the market.

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Business Study
The research will focus majorly on ways to improve on the manufacture of the best Grolsch beer drink in order to improve on its market to the consumer’s. This will entail, focusing on the major areas that need to be improved in the production and provide the available measures to be taken, that will help remedy the situation.
Company’s strategic decision is to maintain a majority of its brewing operations as its primary production and supply in different states. This is done by ensuring that the manufactured drink is in line with the consumer’s preference. This will help in marketing the product as well as ensuring that they maintain their market attractiveness and retain total volume and volume growth. Therefore, the aim should is to restore beers premium status and fulfill consumers desires. However, the major problem is marketing due to increased competition from other top brewers within the beer industry. This is due to cultural changes within an embedded company and thus this makes the challenge great. (Ghemawat 52)
The company manufactures commercial beer that is sold locally and internationally. From its history, it was first and still is manufactured in Dutch. It had majorly focused on developed markets and in particular, UK, USA Canada, Australia, New Zealand and France. This was with the aim of becoming one of the world’s top global beer brands. At first, family managed it but after the death of the head, the next generation decided to break the culture and took it to Amsterdam Stock Exchange. This prompted to its growth and this resulted to two subsidiary companies. Both companies were assigned different mandates for instance: one handled sales and marketing and also housed most production and logistics whereas the other was responsible for the worldwide sales and marketing outside the country. (Ghemawat 62)
In an attempt to increase the sales within developed markets, the company will have to compete with new products that are of high quality, specialty among others while increasing the perceived quality and customer value. Thus, product freshness is more preferred by consumers. Package designs are being developed and thus more appealing to target markets. Therefore, this new and high quality products bring in competition in the market resulting to the companies need to do more to maintain its status as well as market both domestically and internationally. (Ghemawat 66)
Therefore, according to Pankaj, in order to get market for the product strategic sourcing means are required. This involve, supply chain optimization and distribution channel logistics. This is done through advertising and use of distributors. This helps promote the product domestically and internationally. However, this will only happen where the product is of high quality. Thus with this kind of promotion, it will help the company struggle against global trends.(73)
The company is also well structured between finance, human resource and procurement that as a result bring the companies stability. The company has also maintained its key strengths within its primary supply and production activities. Grolsch has a long established history of brewing high quality beer and great packaging to. In addition, the company has maintained good relationship with its employee’s loyalty and commitment that has cultivated to guiding beliefs within the company. Hence, this results to high quality products, controlled cost and thus great final product. (Ghemawat 79)
Therefore, in conclusion, the company has a great market background since it began. Although, it has had some setbacks in markets internationally, it has maintained its status of high quality product and good packaging. The company has also created good relationship with its employees which has led to workers working with a passion and hence as a result, high quality product is manufactured.
However, the company has to improve on the quality and packaging of the products because there are new products in the market, which are of high quality as well and are well branded. This might divert the consumer’s interest and as a result lower the market Grolsch beer. Thus, the company has to ensure that their products are of high quality, well packaged and of fair price.
Therefore, for the company to ensure it maintains its market both domestically and internationally, the following are recommendations and implications that will result.
The company may adopt new technology that will help increase on the output of the product in a fast, easy and cheap means. This will help save cost that would have been used to employ people. The new technology will also help improve on the quality of the product as it will be more effective than manual labour. (Ghemawat 82)
In addition, the company may opt to introduce new products to go in line with the produced products (joint ventures). This will help increase the market due to different product varieties being offered in the market. This will also help divert the company’s attention and energy and as result, the company will not notice that the competition is so stiff. (Ghemawat 85)
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