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Recommendations For Including Asian Americans In Broadcast Media In Non-Stereotypical Ways? (Research Paper Sample)


Research paper
Topic:Recommendations for including Asian Americans in broadcast media in non-stereotypical ways?
style: MLA

Recommendations for including Asian Americans in broadcast media in non-stereotypical ways?
The representation of Asian American in broadcast media is inadequate. Different television media rarely acknowledge the Asian American as everyday Americans. Some broadcast media have labelled the Asian Americans a community with passive characters. Some broadcast media present Asian Americans as foreigners with inabilities to assimilate information, or persons confined to specific kinds of marginalized occupations and clichés, as well as comical mannerisms and accents. All these stereotypes influence the participation of Asian Americans in broadcast media. This paper explores the recommendations that can be made to include Asian Americans in broadcast media in a non-stereotypical way.
The first recommendations involve featuring Asian Americans on the broadcast shows. The absence of Asians on television subjects the children to conclusions that Asians may not make worthy actors on the studios (Dave, Nishime and Oren 150). Such a conclusion is likely to encourage a stereotypical environment. Having many Asians on the show will help kill the cycle of stereotypes while encouraging high participation of Asian Americans
The second recommendation is involving the Asian Americans in news programming. Currently, the programming does not address the current racial challenges. It does not involve Involving Asians in programming. Involving Asians in broadcast programming will help cut the problematic tenure of the stereotypes (Dave, Nishime and Oren 99). Using photos of Asians Americans on advertisements, and broadcast will also change the public indifference towards other races.
The third recommendation that can cause non-stereotyped ways of including Asian Americans in broadcast is through policy change (Dave, Nishime and Oren 65). The existing policies on broadcasting media need to change to accommodate the Asian Americans in a non-Stereotyped way. The policy should be changed to provide role model positions to Asi...
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