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The Line between Reporting and Delivering the News (Research Paper Sample)


Does the Media, both print, and broadcast, report fairly Does it ever cross the line between reporting the News and creating the News. The task was to accelerate and research on the affairs of media and reporting techniques, as to whether the media showcase what actually is there for the viewers or just make up the news and mould it according to the demands of different companies.


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Does the Media, both print and broadcast, report fairly? Does it ever cross the line between reporting the news and creating the News?
The following paper will discuss a topic that is very relevant in today’s society; what media is and how to print and broadcast reports on current events. It will also highlight if there is any difference between a local news outlet, such as the San Jose Mercury News, and a national news outlet like CNN, NBC, or PBS, to name but a few examples. CNN goes further to say, “if you see nothing at all of what you don't want to see, you are not paying attention”. The public now feels more inclined to believe them, especially in light of CNN being given an A+ rating by the American Society of Newspapers; therefore, allowing the network to continue airing the kind of programming that the public does not understand nor appreciate.
When other publications report the news as true, people may question whether the

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