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Implications of The Digital Era. Communications & Media Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


implications of the digital era


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Digital Era Implications
The internet is undergoing swift changes and making information readily available to all users, both for personal use and sharing with others. It has drastically changed people’s lives and their way of work. Although technology advancements have improved the society, they also have their implications resulting from the way in which different individuals use the internet. It is integral to recognize different attributes of the internet that are distinctly possible to affect people’s perception, and are readily available through the internet. These traits are used to describe internet-associated occurrence, for instance, continuous human dependency on the internet, emergence of misinformation, and results of memoirs and other internet related issues. In the process, it is crucial to deviate the issues that may arise about the internet as a source of information to a wider perspective of how continuous internet use may lead to dependency.
Deliberate internet shutdowns are a common occurrence, which leads to network outage that has a negative impact on communication, consequently affecting the delivery of services. However, the internet shutdowns have become a norm applied by both elected and authoritarian governments to restrain information and ban rights to assemble and air grievances (Marsh and Suparna 8). Long-term shutdowns may render certain places and communities’ inaccessible, leading to instability in some regions. However, internet shutdowns are common when the authorities command firms to end the public gain to the digital means of communication. The common tools used include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and SMS services. Computing the wide influence that shutdowns mete-out on human privileges linger over the capacity of majority of the perceivers.

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