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Representations of Gender in Films Communications & Media Research (Research Paper Sample)


research on Representations of Gender in Films.


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Representations of Gender in Films
Media is a major influencer of people’s perceptions. What viewers see in movies and television shows provides a bearing regarding their social realities and beliefs. The images portrayed on media captures a society comprised of both genders. Somehow, the gender differences observed in films become engrained in people’s minds and society at large (Alzahrani 534). Motion pictures contain direct and hidden messages that reach viewers far and wide. Therefore, they bear a profound role in shaping the audience’s ideas and stance regarding cultural, economic, and social issues. Moreover, the screened content reflects social movements, upheavals, and changing trends. Filmmakers concentrate on a given social subject with the intention of forcing the audience either to reproach or appreciate the spotlighted topic. For instance, the changing role of women in society has been an issue of interest to many movie directors. Although the misrepresentation of women still characterizes the field of cinema, contemporary motion pictures attempt to defeat this societal vice (Dutt 3). It is not surprising to see empowered and independent women in different movie genres. This trend reflects the women’s liberation movement of the 1960s and its success in establishing gender parity frameworks (Kelly 87). Modern-day films help to communicate the message that women have an equal footing as men. Besides, movies are conduits through which both negative and positive teachings can be conveyed (Alzahrani 533). While male dominance is still a major concern in filmmaking, the way female characters are represented has changed for the better. Whereas women have been traditionally misrepresented in films, both long-established gender misrepresentation and recent improvements are linked to particular societal impacts.

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