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The Media and Body Image. Communications & Media Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The paper was to explore the issue that women need to be perfect and ready for a social change.
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The Media and Body Image
The paper explores the issue that women need to be perfect and ready for a social change. Review of Anne Becker’s article concerning young women in Fiji reveals that media support the fact that women should be good-looking. Media mostly focus on female gender to describe the concepts of a perfect figure and good-looking individuals. Several online articles argue that women who maintain a good figure are potential broadcasters on television and other media platforms. In daily life, women are required to wear fashionable clothes and communicate effectively with people in diversified contexts. After television was introduced to local people in Fiji, young girls rapidly changed their social practices after observing the dressing code of television presenters (Becker 505). Therefore, women who dress decently and communicate fluently to discuss different issues are thought to be perfect. Disordered eating as per Anne Becker are not qualities of a perfect woman.

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