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Huawei as the Rising Telecommunication Competitor in Global Market (Research Paper Sample)


This paper majorly focused on the huawei factor in the telecommunication explored some of the changes that huawei has brought into the market place and how such factors have shaped the market place.


Leviticus Bradley
CIS 485
Final Paper Bibliography
April 15, 2019
For a long time, few companies such as the Apple and Techno have been the most significant force to reckon in the global telecommunications market. However, things have indeed changed with many dynamics coming to play. As a matter of fact, gone are the days when the two brands monopolized the global market with their presence being felt literally in every continent. The well-known Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies Co-operation has for currently poised stiffly against most of its rivals in the Telecommunication market. So to say it has diligently earned its place in the global telecommunication ranking Huawei has indeed offered stiff competition to other fellow telecommunication companies that have made them feel threatened; the United States is a perfect example.
Most recently, the United States of America that has met the full force of Huawei is an advancement on technologies declared them a threat. This happened when President Trump signed a law – The National Defense Cauterization Act. Equally the United States the other day launched a clampdown on exports to Huawei Technologies Co. in an attempt geared at inhibiting the Chinese company’s access to critical suppliers across its businesses, that ranged from smartphones to the well anticipated 5G equipment. (Anscombe).
This is just one of the many ways that the United States happen to have taken in order to restrict, jeopardize, and act as an impediment towards Huawei’s operation. This is indeed a clear indication that Huawei is for sure, a rising competitor and a force to reckon in the Global telecommunication market. Considering the fact that Huawei is a world brand, it is vital to understand the definitive role that Huawei plays in the 5G role as well as the business forms that it will affect. Equally, we must also understand the ways and means that Huawei has employed to make it get one of the world’s best communication companies in the world .

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