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Unemployment in Kenya (Research Paper Sample)

Effects of Unemployment in Kenya source..
Citation and Referencing Title/Cover page Outline page Body page Reference/Sources page MLA The cover page 1 Insert the cover page at the right hand side corner of the paper and then followed by the phrase Surname 2 Contents of the cover page Student’s Name Lecturer’s Name Subject Date 3 Outline page 4 Reference/ Sources page 1 This page in MLA is called works cited 2 The elements in the works cited page are arranged in the following format Surname, First name. Title of the book (In italics. City of publication: Name of publishing company, year of publication. Mode of publication. 5 All the list of references MUST be arranged in alphabetical order 6 All the books, articles or journals used must not be older than 5 years 7 Make sure all the punctuation marks and order of elements in this list are used and arranged properly. In-Text citation 1 This is used inside/within the body of the paper to show parts of the information that have been borrowed from other sources 2 In-text citation is inserted at the end of a sentence but before the full stop 3 The citation is indicated by the surname and page number enclosed in a bracket; for example (Rono 23) (Kasimu 19) APA 1 Formatting the margin 1 Double click on the upper margin 2 Select different first page 3 Click page number and select option 1 4 Write the phrase Running head: 5 Write the title of the paper in capital letters 6 H...
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