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“Long” Carbon Fibers for Blast Resistant Concrete Engineering Paper (Research Paper Sample)


We are two people working on the report. This report consists of two literature review reports and a project report. Each one of the three reports should be submitted individually. One of the literature reviews is for the first member of the group, and the the second literature review is for the second member of the group. The project report is the only team work paper.
The formatting for the literature review reports is a pdf attached under the name of “Literature review formatting”. It will show you how to write the report. The first member of the group is writing a literature review of the literature report file attached under the name of “Long Carbon Fibers for Blast Resistant Concrete”. The second member will write a review of the literature report file attached under the name of “SHRP-92-605” with only using chapter two.
The team project is about Reinforced Fiber Concrete (RFC) (the mechanical, thermal, and electrical conductivity). Attached a file called “Term project report formatting”. This will show you how to write the report. Also I attached chapter 22 pages from a book called “Concrete” in a pdf file called “Chapter 22: Fiber reinforced concrete” to help write about the properties of RFC. please reference the book when you use information from it. I also attached an excel file called “tests results” containing my results for a compressive and tensile strength for (RFC) that I made with 0.5%, 1%, 1.5% and 2% of recycled carbon fibers, and in the results you will see a reference cylinder that does not contain carbon fiber to help analyze the results. I made the concrete batches following ASTM procedure. The only difference I made is when I mixed the carbon fibers with sand before placing it in the mixer. 5 total batches were made. The first batch is a reference batch made without the recycled carbon fiber, the second batch contained 0.5% of recycled carbon fiber, the third batch contained 1.5% of recycled carbon fiber, and the fourth batch contained 2% of recycled carbon fiber.The ASTM procedure is attached under the file named “ASTM Procedure”. I attached a literatures under the names of “SHRP-92-605” and “Cement reinforced with short carbon fibers - a multifunctional material”that will help for the writing and analyze the data from my test results. Please use the graphs in the excel file in the report. I also attached a random pictures of the recycled carbon fiber and RFC cylinders that I made to use some of them if needed in the report. The pics file is called “RFC pics”. For the electrical conductivity just write about them using this resource and don’t forget to reference it. Don’t forget to write about the thermal expansion using outside resources and reference them please.Please only use the files I attached as a reference and use quotes if needed. The style should be MLA.
** Do not include table of content and appendices in the reports.
** Cover and refrence pages do not count because they are for free.
2 Literature reviews: (3 pages for each) + cover page for each + reference page for each.
Project report (20 pages) + cover page + reference page.


Literature Review
April 25, 2016
Carbon Fibers for Blast Resistant Concrete
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Abstract PAGEREF _Toc449386803 \h 2Introduction PAGEREF _Toc449386804 \h 3The State of Literature PAGEREF _Toc449386805 \h 3Findings PAGEREF _Toc449386806 \h 4Synthesis of the Findings PAGEREF _Toc449386807 \h 4Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc449386808 \h 4Work cited PAGEREF _Toc449386809 \h 5
Concrete is the most widely used material in construction. The application of conventional concrete is however limited in areas that involve blasting. The fragmentation of normal concrete can pose a danger to workers and reduce the ability of concrete to bear loads. Gliha conducted a research to develop coatings that could improve the properties of concrete when used in areas subjected to blasting. The use of long fibers in the reinforcement of concrete has proved difficult due to balling and clumping. The long carbon fiber reinforced concrete (LCFRC) has been evaluated for use in areas subjected to blasting. The use of long fibers can reduce cost and improve handling during placing. In the experiment conducted by Gliha, he found that the use of long fibers reduced the spalling of concrete. The long fibers outperformed short fibers in areas subjected to blasting. The used of long fibers can help reduce spalling. Subsequently, reduced spalling improves the safety of workers due to a reduction in flying debris. Fibers also reduced cracking of concrete and hence the blasting resistance of concrete.

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