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Current and Alternative Policies in Iran Nuclear Program (Research Paper Sample)


THIS WAS A RESEARCH PAPER ON Current and Alternative Policies in Iran Nuclear Program


Current and Alternative Policies in Iran Nuclear Program
Reading newspapers and watching current news programs elicits tense relationships between the United States and Iran. One can assume that there is an imminent nuclear attack on either the United States or Iran. However, the tense relationships exhibited currently paint a different picture of what happened many years ago. The United States was one of the major friendly nations towards Iran in the early 1960’s. The United States signed a treaty with Iran in 1968 to establish a nuclear program referred to as the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (Butler 274). The aim and purpose of this Treaty were to have control of the Middle East about nuclear activities. That treaty regulated the use of nuclear material throughout the Asian community. It was important since other countries such as Pakistan and India had started to establish nuclear programs. Of particular concern had been India, which had established a nuclear plant in the year 1972. However, a popular revolution overthrew the United States backed Iranian government in the year 1979. Until today, both governments have had tense relationships about the Iranian power deal that has continuously grown over a couple of the years. The Iranian nuclear program was being checked by the International Atomic Energy Agency until the year 2003, when Iran claimed to have been secretly enriching uranium. The issue sparked public outcry since Iran was not sticking to the current laws regarding nuclear programs (Cordesman 22). To compound the problem, the Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has questioned why the United Nations does not believe in the Iranian nuclear deal. The leader claims that the program is essentially for peaceful purposes (Stone 64). However, the leader has come under sharp criticism since the United Nations has never checked the facility due to the constant restrictions the leader enforces. The United States under President Obama has emphasized on diplomacy that has currently not achieved any results (Cordesman 20).

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