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The Indigenous North American Communities and their Food Research (Research Paper Sample)


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The Indigenous North American Communities and their Food
The title of Indians for the Native American people emerged when Christopher Columbus mistook the Bahama archipelago for the Asian continent. Later, it was conspicuous that Columbus had made an entry into the “New World” that the Europeans were unaware of. The new vast lands were characterized by unique plants, animals, as well as people. Probably, the traditional culture significantly impacted on the “New World” food plants and ornamental. After Columbus's discoveries, wealthy Europeans began trading in orchids sourced from South and Central America. Christopher Columbus had planned the sailing expedition to the Caribbean region while looking for a sea route to obtain spices. However, he found Jamaican allspice such as Pimenta dolce unripe berries, peppers associated with genus Capsicum and other chilies. After a few years, new foods sourced from the Americas found their way into the outside world. Some of the foods, such as potatoes, corn, beans, tomatoes, and peppers, were absorbed into the diets of most populations across the globe (Park, Nobuko, and James 171).
Today, roughly 60 percent of the world’s consumed foods traces its origin to the New World. As well, foods brought from Asia and Europe were also absorbed into native American peoples’ diets. Also, most of the modern-day native Americans do not consume foods that almost resemble those taken by their predecessors, although their original diets have seen widespread incorporation into the entire word’s populations’ cuisines (Park, Nobuko, and James 171). This paper describes the dietary culture and foods of the original North American society, the nutritional quality of their foods as well as their influence on other people's menus across the globe.

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