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Medicine: All Kinds Of Discrimination In The Nursing Profession (Research Paper Sample)


The task was to look into discrimination in the nursing profession and the paper covered all kinds of discrimination. Racial discrimination was the most prominent form of discrimination and it is explored in the paper. There is also gender discrimination as well as discrimination against those with disabilities.


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Discrimination in Nursing
Nurses play a key role in the health care system; however, they are faced with many issues and controversies. Some of the issues are caused by an absence of the universal legislation whereas others are as a result of how nurses correlate with one another and with their patents. One of the major issues in nursing is discrimination. In America, racial discrimination is still rife even though it is to a much lesser degree than the previous centuries. Nursing profession is also plagued with this issue.
One of the forms of discrimination is racial. Patients are the culprits. They may refuse care from someone who is not of their race. Nurses from the minority groups are often discriminated together with the international students. Studies into the immigrant nurses show that they have a hard time filling complaints against their employers. Often they get discriminated against. In a nursing home setting, there is also use of discriminatory language (Tartaglia et al. 164). When it comes to pay, African American nurses, as well as those from minority groups, stated that they are often paid less than their white counterparts even with the same position with the same qualification. Even though this is not widespread, it still takes in some place. There is also the issue of promotion, there have been reports that nurses from minority groups are often overlooked when it comes to promotion. Often white nurses easily get promotion even if the minority nurses are more qualified.
Minority nurses also face discrimination from their colleagues who reported to making comments that are demeaning in some instances. One would make a comment, for instance, like go back to where to come from. There are some white patients who refuse care from the minority nurses (Tuttas 515). Minority groups nurse face discrimination where their capabilities are questioned. To deal with this issue of racial discrimination, there are numerous organizations that have joined hand to form the National Coalition of Ethnic Minority Nurses Associations.
Nurses are challenged to evaluate this situation and look for a solution. There is need to embrace diversity in the nursing profession. People ought to understand that diversity of viewpoints and the life experiences shall enrich nursing as a career and support admirable in patient care. There is a need to speak for change. The National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA) has a program known as a breakthrough in nursing (Tuttas 515). This allows nursing students to mentor minority people in nursing. These efforts help in enhancing the nursing profession and bolstering diversity.
The second form of discrimination in gender discrimination. Nursing is a commonly known a the female profession. Men in this sector are looked at as outcasts. There are a number of hindrances for men in the nursing education procedure particularly because of the feminization of the profession. Females are the vast majority in the nursing profession however it does not imply that their rights get infringed upon (Kouta and Charis 61). Additionally, gender bias emanates from the social isolation and men are not embraced as the crucial part of nursing. In any nursing history, rarely would one find a history of men who have been in

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