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Technology: Computer Science As A Required Subject In School (Research Paper Sample)


Research projects are to be done on an individual basis only – no group research projects, please.
In this project, you will investigate one of the subjects listed below or one of your own choice, and write a paper on your findings. Your project should cover a type of technology associated with computer science, and also has a certain level of controversy about it.
Possible topics include:
Apple Computers without Steve Jobs
Artificial intelligence
Big data computing
The “Cloud”
Security and privacy
Computer Science as a required subject in school
If you are passionate about another topic and feel would be of general interest, then please use that topic instead. The only restriction is that the topic must clearly apply to computer science.
Research papers are due in printed form on or before the day of the final exam. You cannot email your paper to me, nor can I accept anything turned in later than the date of the final exam.
Please include most or all of the following in your paper:
A clear definition of the concept or technology so that anyone reading your paper can understand it;
A history of the technology, how and why it came about, and how it developed into its current state today;
The future of the technology;
Benefits and disadvantages / controversies associated with the technology;
Popular tools related to your topic and the companies behind those tools;
Types of computer-science jobs available in companies developing or implementing the technology; and
How you feel about the topic, how it affects you, your family and friends, and society in general.
Start by researching your topic. Look on the internet or go to the library and look up related articles, magazines, books, videos, or anything else that might address the technology. Ask people you may know about how they have been affected by the technology and how they feel about it.
Next, develop a well-constructed outline of what you want to say in your paper. This should involve a bit of thought, as it will impact your grade.
Finally, put everything down "on paper". It should be between 800 and 1,000 words. (As a benchmark, a typical double-spaced page using a 12-point Times Roman font will have about 250 words). On a separate page, list your sources, including a bibliography for published sources with an author.
I'll be looking for 4 things in your paper:
how well you address the topic
how much research you perform
how well-thought out and sophisticated your views are (i.e., how well you make your points)
and of course, spelling, grammar, completeness, and organization of your research paper
Finally, don't make your paper a simple regurgitation of articles you can find on the internet, nor a restricted sampling of opinions that other people have. Make it personal, and
Say something interesting!

Definition of Robotics
Robotics is one of the topics that are common when it comes to understanding computer science. As a discipline of computer science, Robotics extensively looks at artificial intelligence as it involves the replication and modeling of intelligent behavior that is infused in robots (Corke, 11). All the same, Robotics deals with the infusion of artificial intelligence that involves mechanical components and creations being given the ability to exhibit intelligent behavior. Thus, the robots that are developed thanks to these mechanisms work in the presence of computer systems. The computer systems are necessary as they aid in controlling, offering sensory feedback, as well as allowing the robots to process information thus eventually showcasing intelligent behavior. Analyzing Robotics shows why it is categorized as one of the essential topics in computer science as it is based on a variety of perspectives that distinguish and define it.
All in all, the concept of Robotics is such that it entails the development and design of robots which can step in to substitute humans and carry out most of the tasks of human beings. In detail, the robots are enhanced with algorithms that allow information processing and equip them with the skill set that makes the robots able to perform the different function under minimum human supervision (Corke, 31). Thus, Robotics is quite an exciting and thrilling topic considering that it employs the concept of artificial intelligence which is being incorporated in robots to achieve artificial intelligence.
The history of Robotics
Industrial revolution played a huge role in the development and evolution of robots. The concept of robotics has been in existent for ages, but it was actualized after years thanks to the industrial revolution. In the 1940s, persons such as Isaac Asimov and Norbert Wiener came up to push the concept to another level, and they are the pioneers of Robotics (Gasparetto 40). For instance, Asimov developed the three laws of Robotics. On the other hand, Wiener formulated the principles which govern cybernetics. With time, thanks to the efforts of such pioneers, the development of fully autonomous robots was achieved in the 20th century, specifically in the second half of the century (Gasparetto 42). In the 1960s, Unimate was developed, and it was a digital and a programmable robot, one of its kind. These robots serve different roles as they are categorized as industrial robots or domestic robots. At the start of their introduction, the robots were controversial considering that they carried out tasks at lower prices and they were a threat to human beings (Gasparetto45). However, as time went by, technological advancements were incorporated, and the robots are now being deemed as an advancement that is improving the quality of life. All the same, the history of robotics is such that it races back to the first century where there were fire engines and wind organs (Gasparetto 43). Later, in the 1200s, steam-propelled birds were developed, the design of humanoid robots in the 1400s. Fictional autonomous and mechanical ducks followed. These trends are still going on and the current time involves robots that have been fully programmed to carry out a myriad of activities Gasparetto 47).
The future of Robotics
The future of Robotics is such that more technological advancements are being incorporated into their design and production. Additionally, different spectrums that are allowing for more actual achievement of intelligent behavior is being attained (Smith and Anderson, 6). In so doing, the robots that are to be developed in the future are more likely to carry out more functions (Smith and Anderson, 17). Moreover, the robots are likely to imitate humans in a more detailed manner meaning that the level of design and the standards of algorithms being used is top-notch.
Benefits and disadvantages/controversies associated with Robotics
As is common with many life-changing aspects, Robotics has been subject to controversy over the fears. Some of the challenges or rather the disadvantages that come with the use of robotics include an increase in the rate of unemployment (Chamorro-Premuzic et al. 73). Moreover, the use of robots is associated with risks especially those from unexpected risk factors. Lastly, the design process and production of the robots is quite costly. On the contrary, these robots have some advantages. For instance, robots have a higher efficiency rate as compared to humans and can work for longer periods of time (Chamorro-Premuzic et al. 75). Moreover, robots are not affected by factors such as weather, and their level of workability is higher (Chamorro-Premuzic et al. 79). Hence, despite the disadvantages and the controversies surrounding their use, they are quite ...
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