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Social Media Impact in the Technological World IT Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Application development problem statement
Objective: Create an application for a specific business / organization
Problem: Off-the shelf software probably only achieves the task partially
Concept: Develop a specific solution
This problem statement is specific to the business / organization. Research problem statements
solve problems solve a problem that is generic enough to be of interest to many people.
Research is published in peer-reviewed publications, i.e. publications for which anonymous
reviewers (other professors or professionals) checked that the content is novel and sound.


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Social Media Impact in the Technological World
The concept of social interaction in the world of technology has changed whereby news, materials and information travel from one part of the world to the other at a supersonic speed. The concept is propagated with the introduction of different platforms through social media and advancement in technology. Consequently, subjects and information are deliberated within a virtual landscape. Social media has played an operative role in sanctioning of different ideas in the society as it is part of the lives of the individuals. Through the social media platforms, individuals can learn, communicate, and be updated with the issues happening across the globe. Furthermore, individuals are desensitized to the real world and they find themselves focusing on issues that were deemed unnecessary years ago. Apparently, social media would not have existed if there were no technological advancements. The technological advancements have introduced different ideas which have influenced the manner in which people interact, pas time, and gain information through connecting with outside world on a global scale. Many of the people interact through the social media which has also changed the manner in which people approach the lives. The application of technology and advancements in social media complement each other however, the society has had it fair share of positive and negative influences through the interaction in social media and technological changes.

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