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Personal Leadership Reflection (Research Paper Sample)

the PAPER WAS ABOUT A PERSONAL REFLECTION IN RELATION TO LEADERSHIP BY FOCUSES ON THE The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork AND Lincoln ideas on leadership source..
Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Personal Leadership Reflection Introduction Leadership is described as the process of the motivating group of individual towards achieving a common goal. It merely means directing colleagues and workers with a strategic approach to meet the firm’s needs. It is an act of inspiring other people which is mostly based upon ideas that are communicated to others in ensuring that the staff acts in a manner that the leaders want them to. It is because the leaders work the director and inspiration of the action. He or she is an individual who possesses a combination of leadership and personality skills which makes others want to follow their direction. Hence the paper will explore the ideas surrounding leadership by focusing on the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership. 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership These laws of leadership are beneficial and accurate in measuring a person personal growth in his or her leadership abilities. It also helps a person in finding areas that they are struggling with or they need to grow. Furthermore, they are laws that are unique and universal truths in all areas no matter where a person may lead within any area of the society or culture. These laws include the law of lid, law of influence, law of process, law of navigation, the law of addition, the act of solid ground, law of respect, the rule of intuition, the law of magnetism and law of connection. There is also the law of inner circle, the act of empowerment, law of the picture, law of buy-in, law of victory, the rule of big Mo, Law of priorities, the law of sacrifices, law of timing, the law of explosive growth and finally the law of legacy. Therefore some of the laws of leadership that acts as my strength to grow professionally and personally includes the following. First is the code of empowerment. Since their unwillingness limits most of the people in giving up something for the benefits of others because they want to hoard skills and knowledge to ensure they have job security, low self-esteem, lack of self-worth or even resistance to change, as a leader empowering those people acts as my strength. It gives me an opportunity, power, and means to do to other people so that they have the willingness to coping with changes and helping others within an organization. It is a law that has helped me to trust myself in what I do and also to trust other people to follow through performing tasks and managing processes. For example, when I give power to other people within the organization, it makes the firm more potent because the empowered individuals will be able to reach their full potential that will be beneficial to the institution. Secondly is the law of respect. It is an aspect that indicates that people naturally follow leaders who are stronger than them. It is a point that good leaders usually rely on compliance by understanding that all the leadership is voluntary. A person needs to give respect to receive respect. When one gets this respect, it will mean that people have trust in them and they would want to follow them. As a leader, I believe that it is one of my greatest strength since one need to acquire respect of others to be trusted by other people who will be willing to follow what they are told to do. For example, during my class team project, I was placed as the group leader, I was faced with many odds, but since the people under me respected and trusted me, they still believe I can lead them since they were unable to escape the law of respect. Thirdly is the law of addiction that states that leaders usually add some value by serving other people. It is true that leaders add value to other people when they value them and also intentionally make ourselves valuable to them. It is additional strength of mine that assist in growing professionally, since I like knowing the people who am leading, finding out their dreams, hopes, goals, and priorities and finally trying to figure out what I can do to assist them in getting where their desires and need are or where they need to go. I am a person who likes to learn, listen and then lead. Fourthly is the law of solid ground that states that trust is one of the foundations of leadership. Since I value the rule of respect that brings about faith, then the law of solid ground will act as one of my strength. It is where I try as much as possible to offer trust to others so that I can receive the same confidence from them which will make it easy for one to lead a group of people. Fifthly is the law of navigation. Since leadership usually develops daily and not in a day, meaning that one can monitor where an individual is going and will end up by just watching their daily priorities and habits. It is a law that helps me in growing personal since it gives me an individual plan for growth. It assists me in looking at my daily agenda such as influence, vision, personal discipline, attitudes, relationship, abilities, passion, and priority that will help me to plan to grow and so set other on the course of the success as well. Some of the laws that are my weakness include the following: First is the law of Lid that indicates that the leadership of a person acts as the lid which determines an individual level of effectiveness. For instance, when the person’s ability to lead is lower, the lower the lid on his or her potentials. It is one of my weakness since there are some of the skills or factors that will still affect my scale of leadership. Some of these factors are a vision, people skills, and my past results, planning abilities or even dedication to success. Moreover, it is a law that has room for flexibility that will give me time to grow as a leader by dedicating my effort and energy to do so and also the willingness to work towards success. Secondly is the law of influence which is one of my weakness. To get people to follow you but influencing them is a challenge that I am trying to overcome. It is because most of the people are resistance and for them to trust someone is hard. One can manage something very well, but it generally doesn’t mean that they can lead as well. Therefore, I believe leadership training will be vital in understanding ways of influencing others in a positive way to flow you and allow you to lead them. Thirdly is the law of intuition. It is an indication that great leaders have need to have a specific direction with intuition. It is a power to discern the right idea of a situation and a person. It is the inner quality that helps a person to make specific changes within the organization. It is a challenge for me to know what I should do during a challenging time. To overcome these challenges I need to be able to trust my instincts, insights and also myself to pull through a tough challenge. Lincoln on Leadership There are several lessons that one can borrow from Abraham Lincoln on direction when a person needs to grow professionally and personally in leadership. Some of these lessons include the following but not limited to: First is accepting advice and criticism. One can develop his or her leadership skills through acceptance of advice and criticism. It is where I need to empower leadership through dialogue and also use others opinion to improve my public image and self-correct my mistakes. The second lesson is inspiring trust. It is where one needs to convey a positive message to other people. It is because when one encourage confidence in other people through an optimistic attitude, they receive respect and trust from there people who will be willing to follow you and listen to what direction you give them. The third lesson is motivation. It is a point where there is a need to spread and share a passion for a particular project is essential by getting support from the team and also working of together helps in achieving goals and objectives. Hence one needs to motivate the team they are working with to obtain maximum support and effort from them that will benefit the company through the fulfillment of the firm’s objectives and goals. The fourth lesson to incorporate to the plan is social skills. It is the ability of one to be able to mix with other people which acts as the features of a good leader and also by the use of their skills to lead and persuade teams. One needs to rely on there and also be able to recognize his or her team’s success above their own. The final lesson is a communication where one needs to have the ability to connect and communicate with others to help achieve the firm goals. Hence for one to be a good and strong leader, they need to establish oneself as being a good communicator and also be able to know how to convey messages to their team members. Hence to ensure that my plans come to alive there are several strategies to be implemented that will help in measuring the progress of the project plan. First is to get the entire team involved in the project plan. It is because when one consists of the team member in the execution and planning of the project and also ensure that they are checked regularly to obtain the status reports, will help in providing the success of the project plan. Secondly is by being the plan with the end in mind. It will assist one in keeping themselves on track and also avoid a lot of distraction. It will also help a leader to have an opportunity of checking daily. Thirdly is by use of tools. For example, the use of online tools like dashboard will support a leader in measuring their plan project progress at ease. Fourthly is by planning milestones. These are the markers which note the start of one phase and end of another phased. Hence it helps in providing a metric to the team and project progress. Lastly is having deadlines for the plan. It is vital since it will keep the team focused on schedule. It also provides markers that help the leader and the team see how the project is continuing in comparison to the started plan. How to Save Inspiration in the ...
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