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Discussion on Global Warming (Research Paper Sample)


Write about global warming. David suzuki writes about this subject in his book. Write a one-page thesis driven essay and argue that global warming has reached a critical point and endangers earth's stability to sustain human life
The sample is about environmental crisis


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Global Warming
Global warming is among the leading threats facing earth's sustainability. The effects of global warming are experienced around the world. Such changes are constantly monitored by scientists and researchers to find a viable solution. Actions such as reducing greenhouse emissions are recommended to curb this menace. Individuals need to comprehend the effects of climate change to cope effectively with this existing danger. Global warming is a threat to earth's ability to sustain mankind. Though it is yet to reach its tipping point, it is a problem that needs to be resolved swiftly.
More than 100 physical and biological processes have been documented as a result of climate change. For instance, in the arctic areas of Russia the high temperatures melting the permafrost have caused slumping in various five-storied buildings. Furthermore, scientists are recording larger amounts of rainfall coupled with severe floods and thunderstorms. There are many more effects of climate change being recorded globally as a result of global warming.
The effects of global warming would go on for many more decades even if drastic changes were set up to reduce climate change. Although there are numerous challenges faced by researchers, global warming is among the issues that must be given utmo

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