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Ethical Leadership In The Christian Bible And Corporate World (Research Paper Sample)


Learning Goal: I'm working on a religion multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me learn.
Select a person from the Bible (either Old Testament or New Testament times). Describe who this person was and how they exercised leadership attributes/principles and actions. Zero in on one situation in which the person faced an ethical or moral dilemma. Critically describe how the person exhibited leadership attributes and principles in the area of authority, responsibility, and accountability.
Your second leader will be a prominent leader in the aviation industry, past or present. Describe who this person was and what ethical or moral dilemma this person faced. Critically describe how the person exhibited leadership attributes and principles in the area of authority, responsibility, and accountability.
Compare and contrast each person’s response and actions. Analyze how each person responded to the situation in terms of authority, responsibility, and accountability. Analyze how each person responded to their situation in terms of ethics and morals. Analyze how each person exercised leadership traits in the situation.


Ethical leadership in the Christian Bible and Corporate world.
Moses, a worthy illustration of servant leadership in the Bible, encountered the complaints of the Israelites who demanded meat in the desert. Ben-Hur and others (965) aver that Moses demonstrated servant leadership while leading the Israelites through the Sinai desert to the Land of Canaan when he complained to God about the nagging of the Israelites to him about meat. Moses accepted that he was limited as a human being in fulfilling the desires of the Israelites and that God was the ultimate help to the Israelites (Ben-Hur et al. 970). God answered Moses’s plea when He sent His Spirit to the seventy appointed elders who would help Moses in leading the Israelites (Ben-Hur et al. 972). God also provided meat to the Israelites for a month. Moses solved both his leadership drawbacks and also the issue that was troubling the people he was leading.
Herb Kelleher also demonstrates servant leadership as the founder of Southwest Airlines since he portrays humility and justice when he treats his employees equally. Every idea of the employees matters to Kelleher (Otero). Kelleher treats his employees well and in turn, the employees treat the customers well. His employees funded an advertisement in a commercial magazine just to display their gratitude and commitment to scaling the company to new markets (Otero). Kelleher empathized with his employees and never approached them, employees, with a condescending attitude; he treated his employees as colleagues and was always receptive and accommodating.
Moses and Kelleher are a crude depiction of servant leadership and its application in the current social society. When Moses was angry and frustrated with the Israelites he sought the help of God and presented the needs of the Israelites to God who never failed to meet their needs (Ben-Hur et al. 971). When his leadership skills failed, Moses soug

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