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Discussion: Sermon on the Mount (Research Paper Sample)


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According to the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus taught his followers the Lord's Prayer and presented them with numerous parables during this Sermon. The Beatitudes were also included in the sermon and Jesus' teachings on God's commandments, which he urged his followers to embrace. The sermon teaches Christians the following essential messages:
* Earthly possessions are unimportant. Good individuals will discover significant spiritual "treasures" in Heaven.
* Christians should not be concerned since God will look after them
* Christians should not pass judgment on one another. It is hypocritical because only God has the authority to pass judgment.
* God will assist those who seek his assistance.
* The path to Heaven remains difficult to navigate - like just a tiny gate – while the path to Hell is straightforward and huge, like such a wide.
In my opinion, I agree with the messages learned in the Sermon on the Mount, as described in Matthew's Gospel, which contains most of Jesus' best-known teachings. Christ Jesus did not come to abolish or replace Jewish law; rather, he came to fulfil it. Our Lord talked in a way that everyone could comprehend, yet He drew His followers even closer tog

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