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What are Some Scriptural Principles Undergirding our Evaluation of Music? (Research Paper Sample)


The paper discusses Some Scriptural Principles Undergirding our Evaluation of Music?


What are Some Scriptural Principles Undergirding our Evaluation of Music?
Music is an art that individuals use to express their feelings towards someone or something. It is the art of expressing feelings through singing and body movement. When categorizing music, one considers the intention or the message of the music. For example, an artist may sing to praise an individual for heroic deeds or achievements; such songs are patriotic songs. An artist may intend to praise his or her creator; one may categorize such songs sacred songs. Artists performing particular songs dress according to the message of the song. The mode of dressing, choice of words and body movements of some songs may not appeal some listeners or viewers. This paper seeks to examine scriptural principles that undergird evaluation of music.

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