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Theology Research On Historical Purpose On Biblical Values (Research Paper Sample)


historical purpose on BIBLICAL values


The purpose of Luke's Gospel is three-fold. First, he anticipated being accurate in his writing. “His analysis and his orientation to historical events prove that he intended to provide a reliable version of Christian beginnings.” (Stanton, 117) Secondly, he wrote the book in an organized order. Though not necessarily in chronological order, Luke attempted to provide more than a simply detailed chronology. Thirdly, Luke wrote the book so as to “give his readers a definite basis for their understanding” by showing that the narrated events happened as he described them, thus building a firm foundation for their belief in said events (Valentine, 102).
The intended destination for Luke's Gospel isn't necessarily defined, but “many features suggest that he wrote primarily to the Gentiles while not intending to neglect the Jews.”(Carroll, 10)
As for the purpose of John's Gospel, there are several features. First, John was selective in what he wrote. The Gospel suggests he knew more things but was picky in what he recorded in his writings. Secondly, the writing is evangelistic in nature. He wrote it to help others ultimately believe in Christ. Thirdly, the Gospel focuses on the Jews, as they would be the ones most concerned with the identity of Christ as Messiah (Green, 17). Othe

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