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Prophet Jeremiah: The Life and the Times of the Prophet (Research Paper Sample)


it was ANALYZING the life and the times of the prophet, his accomplishments and his PROFESSES

Prophet Jeremiah
The following dissertation is about the prophetic books in the bible and specifically speaks about prophet Jeremiah. The prophet was also referred to as the weeping prophet and went through a lot of challenges during his time. His courage and determination kept him through. The study takes through the prophets background history on where he was born, his tribe and nation how God called the prophet to take his responsibility as a prophet and discharge his duties.
We are informed of his arrogant audience, who had to be reminded often to seek the Kingdom of God first instead of worshipping idols and trusting in man. God’s anger is revealed in the bible and is portrayed through the prophets preaching recorded in the bible.
The main objective of the research study is to find the main theme of the prophet’s message to the people. Jeremiah’s preaching was basically based on the theme of the covenant between God and Israel. That if the people would worship Him He would protect them in return. The covenant was declared to be conditional and would only be adhered to if the Israelites will comply. Their wickedness would make Gods judgment to be inevitable. The theme is further revealed in chapter 31:32, where a new covenant is made with Israel and Judah.
The dissertation further relates Jesus Christ with the prophet Jeremiah and the benefits of his coming to mankind (Thompsons). That is, if we can forfeit worldly things and seek God’s kingdom first, Gods love and grace for mankind will deliver us from all trouble. God is faithful and is ready to forgive all those who are ready to repent. It will be joy and love to have everyone enter the eternal life. Before his death, Jeremiah prophesied of the coming of Jesus Christ to save man from sin. This is also revealed in the study.
Background history
Prophet Jeremiah lived during the Jewish history at a time when his advice to the people to seek God through his prophesies fell on deaf ears. The destroyed kingdoms included Jerusalem and Beth Hamikdosh. Prophet Jeremiah was courageous enough to point out the path for his people to follow so that they would be saved. He wrote many books and his prophesies are majorly found in the book of Jeremiah in the bible which also explains the different events he encountered in his life.
He was born in a Christian family in the town of Anatoth and belonged to the family of Benjamin. His father was also a prophet and served as a high priest during his time. Jeremiah began his prophetic work during the reign of King Josiah in the year 3298. At his time there were other prophets and included prophet Hulda and Zephaniah.
His calling
Jeremiah was a young man during his call to take the role of being a prophet. Indeed, we find that God can use anyone of his wish to do his work despite the different challenges that may be facing the individuals. At that time, Jeremiah was resistant to become a prophet claiming to be just a boy but God assured him that he was the one who chose him and will make him competent for the job. He told him not to be afraid and that he shall speak only what God asks him to speak and go wherever God sends him. This is found in the book of Jeremiah 1:6-8. Jeremiah prophesied for a total of forty years till the destruction of Hamikdosh and for a longer while thereafter.
Jeremiah’s preaching’s and message to his audience
The first mission of Jeremiah was to preach to the ten tribes of Israel who had run away to exile after the destruction of their Kingdom by the Assyrians. He gave them hope and urged them to go back to their land.
Jeremiah never got tired of preaching to his people to seek God by all means and turn away from worshipping idols. He reminded them that God was angry at them for turning away from him. In the book of Jeremiah 2: 2-13, we can see Jeremiah reminding the people of Gods anger to man. God had saved the Israelites from Egypt and brought them to Canaan. He was good to man that he brought him to a good land but in return man forsook him and has defiled his land by worshiping other gods and doing evil. The Jewish people had turned to a bad life that gave no good life but rather misfortunes.
He taught people and often reminded them that seeking worldly things like idols, riches, and power have no value before God but those who seek His word and follow His way shall be rewarded. He also reminded the people that it is useless to rely on man and instead the people should rely on Him, who is the true God. This teaching is further explained in the book of Jeremiah 17: 5-8. That those who will have their trust in man are cursed and God will depart them but those who have theirs in God will be rewarded in plenty.
King Josiah was a God fearing man and during his reign he reminded people to fear God. After his death, there was a decline in the spiritual life of his people and this made the prophet angry. The other kings that succeeded him, i.e. king Eliakim and Joiakim led the people in following the ways of wickedness and idolatry. The book of Jeremiah is a representation of the message and sig...
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