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Confucian Moral Theory Religion & Theology Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Confucian Moral Theory a Practice, the Five Constant Virtues and the Concept of Ren.


Confucian Moral Theory a Practice, the Five Constant Virtues and the Concept of Ren.
Confucianism is a social and ethical philosophy in ancient China. The philosophy was built on ancient Chinese religious tradition, and its objective is to establish significant principles in social and institution values. According to Yao (20), Confucianism is not a religion, but a philosophical concept that was initiated by Confucius (c. 552–c. 479 BC). The moral teaching of Confucius started before his birth and through the Zhou Dynasty, and Han Dynasties (Yao, 21 & De, and Richard, 315). Confucianism is also called Ruism, and this philosophy is based on kindness and mutual respect towards others. Scholars cite the similarity of this philosophy with the Christian teaching that states “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The rationale of this ancient Chinese philosophy was developed to enhance peace and stability in a community (Yao, 21). Confucius focused this philosophy on two areas namely political and social teaching with the objective of teaching both the rulers and the ruled the art of proper behaviors and governance to foster good relationship. An analysis of Confucian’s five constant virtues is thus presented.

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