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Culture and the Process of Social Transmission in a Society (Research Paper Sample)


Culture and the process of social transmission


Course: Sociology
Date: 21-07-2021
Culture and the Process of Social Transmission in a Society
Culture is hard and fast of beliefs, rules, symbols, language, artifacts, religion, customs, traditions, arts and literature, social organization, politics and economic systems shared in a community by individuals. Society alludes to a large composed of amassing of individuals within an equivalent geographical place having a comparable tradition. There is an interrelationship that coexists between the culture and society. A society cannot exist without traditions. A society is made of people and their specific groups. People living in the society are not the culture, but they're liable for carrying and transmitting traditions. Also, there is no existence of culture unless it’s embodied in a society of humans, and no society can thrive without cultural directions (Nicol 86).
Culture is basically made from fundamental components, the non-material component, and the material component. The non-material tradition is made of values, beliefs, symbols, and language which defines society. The material way of life is made from all the society’s bodily gadgets together with its gear and technology, ingesting utensils, clothing, and way of transportation. There are conditions wherein, lifestyle might also exist within a tradition. This is a case wherein, a good number in society, i.e. the subculture, has numerous social subjects from the same old tradition.
The degree of adherence to the broader cultural notations varies in exceptional humans. This is due to the excessive degree of subjectivity in phrases of comprehension, interpretation, and the incorporation of the cultural subject matters to the special people within the society (Stubbersfield 10). The foremost position of way of life is to present a solid and regular framework or platform, whose goal is to make sure, or facilitate the continuation of the group. Thus, lifestyle presentations are mainstream tendencies.
Social transmission is defined as the transfer of information or behaviors all through a set of organisms. It is basically, sharing of information. Social transmission can encompass, behaviors, actions, nonverbal and verbal communication, information, and beliefs. In animals, an example will be the communique of a new food source or a new predator all through a set of birds through chirping and calling to each other (Palameta, et al 894). In people, social transmission is visible to unfold understanding and cultures through social interactions and the media.
To acquire cultural transmission, it calls for getting to know of the latest information through engagement and socialization with those surrounding you. Linguistics which is the study of languages, and rituals are the example of cultural transmission

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