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Influence of Technology on Human Lives (Research Paper Sample)




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Influence of Technology on Human Lives
The mention of the word technology can be a trigger for excitement or boredom to different persons. It can scare people who are tuned to doing things in a particularly traditional way, and the adoption of technology will mean a shift in the pattern of doing things for search a person. Technology is becoming better daily. However, the fast progression is a pattern that many are not at ease with. However, technology has contributed to the changes in society in variant ways. It has both positive and negative influences on the lives of people. There is a part of society that has been very open to adopting technological advancement. At the same time, the portion is very reluctant due to its negative influences on society at large. Those who are open to the developments of technology have gained numerous benefits from it. This essay discusses the positive influences that technology has contributed to society in different sectors of life. It delves into giving illustrations on how technology has helped advance the various sectors the society and life in general.
Technology on Education
Education and research fields have been one of the greatest beneficiaries of the technological advancements. Though many people underrate the influence of Technology in the education sector, there are major ways that technology has improved the education and research facets of society.
Online learning
Not all persons have a chance to advance their education with freedom as they could wish to. Some feel the need to advance their education, but they are constrained by their social issues like taking care of the family, strict working conditions, and geographical locations far from the potential learners' institution of choice. With the continuous and varying constraints of life, online education has brought a solution to most of these issues. For now, a student can easily enroll for their courses online and follow all the classes at their locations of comfort.
In the past, seminars have been physical in attendance that has limited the attendance due to the financial and physical necessities. However, with the innovations of technology and subsequent implementation in education, people can easily attend seminars of their interest through the web in their comfort areas. One has not to endure the travels of long distances, financial burdens of travels, and accommodations to attend the seminar. Schools do not have to send their students to attend seminars on a physical platform during school hours (Bulman and Robert 243). The seminars are available for their streaming both at home and school as they continue with other education matters. For instance, as a body of research, NASA has programs that are of benefit to the students on space studies that the students can watch from their classrooms through a webinar. The students have both the opportunity to watch and listen to the discussion subjects and ask questions in real-time.
Technology in the business
The introduction of different technological innovations into business activities has proved to be a positive advancement in business activities. It has improved the production and the service provision in equal measures. Marketing of the goods and services has been made easy in the amount of time used and the personnel employed in the marketing process. Technology has improved efficiency in the field of business in these particular ways.
Communication Process
Every business requires clear communication systems for success. The communication must be timely and clear among all the parties involved; the management, employees, and the clients. In the past, businesses relied on phones for communication that had to be manned by an individual at a particular point in the organization. This practice did not only consume a lot of time for the intended person to get the information but also lead to wrong coding of the information from the source to the receiver (Luftman, Kalle and Tal 38). Most business managers had to employ a secretary to manage all the tracks of schedule to avoid inconveniences. These days, there are different software types installed in different technological items to keep track of all the schedules through automated reminders. The employees find it easy to communicate through emails and social media platforms, whether in the office, in the field, or even back at home. Businesses can also keep track of all their customers and maintain communication to provide them with the best services.
Ease in the trading platform
The burden of physical transactions has significantly reduced in recent times. The invention of payments over phones, credit cards, and e-commerce, in general, has made trading very convenient for both businesses and clients in a similar way. The transactions have been significantly eased on the scale of business to business level. In the past, companies had to wait for quite some time for financial clearances before they could deliver the products to the customer (Howell, Cees and Neelke 230). For now, the entire transaction can be done within hours, courtesy of technological developments. Even those companies and businesses located overseas can now have the payments done for products from any parts of the world to release the products immediately. Foreign transactions are much easy now. With the innovation of Blockchain technology that is gaining traction, things are getting better each day. This technology is believed to have abilities to dong transactions for the companies in a matter of seconds to any parts of the world.
Impact on advertisements
Online advertisement methods give businesses many advantages over those that use traditional methods. Different companies are now using the web to publicize their products and pull more customers, increasing their sales. In the past, before the technological advancements, many companies had to struggle with large budgets of advertisements. The online advertisements provide the clients with content about the products through engagements on social media platforms. The potential customers get the opportunity to ask questions about the product of their interest about the specificity and quality of a particular product (Howell, Cees and Neelke 238). In the recent past, advertisements on television were a very expensive adventure for any business. But currently, different businesses have the technological abilities to develop their video content about their products and upload them online on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube that have outdone the television in the audience over the years.
Impact of Technology on Daily lives
Technology does not only influence the economic engagements of the society; it has a more significant impact on the cultural and social lives of a particular population of users. It has made the daily lives styles of society easier, cheaper, faster, and more efficient.
The entry of new transport vessels into the market through the inventions such as electric trains, airplanes, and jets has made traveling and transportation of goods much faster. In the early 1900s, traveling from America across the Atlantic Ocean would take more than two months. For now, with the invention of planes, it can take less than a day to cross the ocean. As technological advancements become more advanced, vessels such as bullet trains that can transport people and goods six-times faster than the standard train have eased the transportation (De Stefano et al.,1440). There is also the development of automobiles, which have fastened transportation while reducing fatigue for the operating personnel such as pilots in planes. With several inventors engaging in the discussion on the possibility of the self-drive car, it is not a mere dream but a reality that will be realized soon, which will prove another achievement in the lives of the users.
Many critics have been labeled on the entry of robots in the world of science and technology. Robots have made significant contributions to the lives of society. For example, in the production companies, robots have been left to carry out the most dangerous activities that can involve either use of chemicals or those that pose the greatest danger. Since robots do not suffer the same human limitations such as fatigue, they offer many efficient and desirable results with much speed and accuracy. Their main work is to carry out all the work they are programmed to do with precision and accuracy. Thus, they increase the quality of production as well as speed. The robots in themselves have aided in the advancement of

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