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Government Surveillance: How They are Conducted? (Research Paper Sample)


The research paper was about government surveillance. one needed to talk about different ways the governments conduct their surveillance. these included different platforms including social media. the researcher had to explain some of the ethical issues the government are to consider while doing the surveillance.


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Government Surveillance
Recently, especially with much development of modern technology. The government has increased its surveillance of people’s activities especially online. As a result, the government ends up accessing a lot of private data from people and organizations. Mainly the government conducts surveillance to enhance security and enforce laws.
The government should only conduct the surveillance via ethical means. Most government surveillance activities are conducted without any consent which makes them unethical. The access of the private can easily be used against the person or an organization. Also, the increased surveillance by the government can be used to implement and enforce laws that are not necessary (Königs). To solve this, the government should only monitor cases that are suspected to run illegal activities. The surveillance should be conducted in an ethical way to enhance the security of the data of the monitored

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