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Determine The Negative Impacts Technology Has On Learners (Research Paper Sample)




Technologies and the Quality of Learning
Technology in education is continuously becoming part of the everyday activity during learning. Apart from simplifying and making learning fun technology have improved learning outcomes. Research done indicates that tremendous benefits are resulting from the use of technology in teaching. Institutions across the world have embraced the use of technology to enhance the learning outcomes of their students. Technology despite the many benefits associated presents some challenges to teachers and learners. These challenges have negatively affected the quality of learning in various ways.
How Technology Undermines The Quality Of Learning.
One of the most significant ways in which technology undermines the quality of learning is by disconnecting a learner from what is being taught in the classroom. Things such as social media on the technological devices distract the learners by taking away their concentration during classroom hours. Children can pretend to be listening to what is being taught, but they are thinking of how to play a game. These forms of distraction brought by the new technology hinder the students from understanding the content shared on these devices as well as what is being taught by the teachers (Storksdieck & Hunter). Tools such as laptops and mobiles have games and other apps that make it difficult for children learn because of their highly engaging nature. Creating a policy on zero tolerance on games in the classroom can help limit this problem however if children own these devices it becomes challenging to restrict them engaging in these activities. Thus the presence of other apps in these devices results in undermining learning through distraction ("5 Ways That Technology Can Undermine Your Higher Education - Onlineuniversities.Com").
Technology also limits the quality of learning by making students not have critical thinking skills based on the information provided by the internet. The presence of internet search engines has made it easy for students to access information quickly and get answers to questions asked. Students thus find it hard to exercise their brains and think of solutions without using the search engines. Presence of this technology breeds lazy students who only rely on already available information without engaging their minds to find out if they can remember the answer ("5 Ways That Technology Can Undermine Your Higher Education - Onlineuniversities.Com"). Lack of critical thinking due presence of solutions online has lead to a decline in the quality of learning as most students fail to use their brains as they prefer the quick research. Research indicates that frequent reliance on the internet leads to students failing to come up with new ideas find it difficult to answer questions that require critical thinking.
Student's misuse of technological devices is another detrimental factor to the quality of education in the classroom. Quality of learning is affected when students keep procrastinating essential classroom activities to engage in online activities with friends and many other people across

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