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Software Cost Estimation Engineering Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


-What are the non-functional requirements of a software system?
-Which are the nonfunctional requirements added to the general system characteristics proposed in previous research (like security, etc)?
-Are there any more non-functional requirements to be added to the 14 general system characteristics in function point analysis ( I thought of safety)
- What are the general safety requirements for a software system?
- Is safety requirement a non-functional requirement?
-Does safety requirements play an equal amount of role in a software system and software cost estimation?
- What are the general safety requirements for previous software systems and future software systems like ( Artificial intelligence systems, Robots, self-driving cars etc)
-Can Function point analysis be improved with any more non-functional requirements which aren't proposed by any previous research?
-What are the advantages of Function point analysis over the COCOMO model?


Software Engineering
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One of the roles of software engineers is evaluating the resources and costs of the software projects. Different estimation techniques exist which depend on the constantly evolving demands in the software industry. The most efficient method of estimating software projects’ sizes is the function point analysis. This technique evaluates the size of projects by analyzing the functional requirements of the systems. However, due to the significance of non-functional requirements on the outcome of software projects, it is essential to establish the mechanism of estimating the project's size by including these feature. Thus, this research proposes the extension of the function point analysis model in order to include non-functional requirements in the calculations. Accordingly, the paper discusses safety as a non-functional requirement and how it can be incorporated in the extended function point analysis formulation.
Research on Enhancement in Function point analysis Software Cost Estimation
Software cost estimation is the process of evaluating cost required to implement all the requirements and features of the system. It is a difficult task that requires knowledge in different aspects of software projects. The process is significant in software engineering because it enables engineers to predict the relationships between crucial system parameters that impact on the quality and efficiency of the systems. Considering that customers demand quality software products, proper estimation strategies enable the developers to analyze the schedule estimates as early as possible. Delays and misappropriate evaluations of the costs required to implement software systems affects project management activities.

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