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An Analysis of Child Recruitment as Soldiers Law Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The paper should be typewritten, double-spaced, using 12 point font. Students should use Blue Book citation protocols or APA citation format and should use footnotes rather than endnotes.
At a minimum, the written topic proposal you submit in Module 10 should contain the following information:
Choose a title that captures the essence of your paper. You can change the title as your paper evolves.
Example: Protecting Children from Childhood Lead Poisoning – Is It a Human Right?
Example: Five Reasons Why Parents Should Be Free to Use Corporal Punishment in the Home.
Summarize the main point you want to make in your paper in one or two sentences. The rest of the paper should support your thesis statement.
Example: This paper takes the position that children who are adopted internationally should have a right to know the names of and contact information for their birth parents.
Example: Children under the age of 18 who engage in prostitution should be immune from criminal punishment without regard to whether it was coerced or voluntary.
By the time you submit your topic proposal you should have done preliminary research on your topic. Preliminary research includes: 1) Existing international treaties or international or domestic laws that address your topic; 2) Significant reports and/or articles (including law review articles) on your topic; 3) Statistical or scientific data of relevance to the topic.


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An Analysis of Child Recruitment as Soldiers
I. Introduction
In spite of the efforts to prevent the recruitment of children as soldiers, the practice is still ongoing in some parts of the world. Thousands of lads below the age of eight are serving as fortified forces, front-line spies, lookouts, suicide missions, and messengers. These delegations do not include boys alone but also girls, who face sexual abuse. They are exposed to loads of hardships and extensive risks as they are merely unlimited to fighting. They join the militia in various ways, which include abductions, own consent as a result of desperation, by force, and others to revenge for certain personal reasons. Every year, the United Nations receives reports of children being hired as mercenaries. Regardless of the roles played by the juvenile recruits, the intense exposure to acute levels of violence leaves them with life-time troubles, mental, and physical injuries. After such experience, some are permanently rejected by their communities and families, hence developing long-term psychological problems. The topic requires discussion since it helps formulate an improved approach to restrain the menace.

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