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Waste water management and technologies Technology Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


discuss the different WASTEWATER technologies that can be applied IN WATER TREATMENT IN U.K.


How to treat waste water
Wastewater fundamentally designated as the flow of used water discharged from businesses, institutions, commercial tasks, homes, and firms, directed to a treatment plant(s) by an accurate designed and engineered system of pipes. The wastewater is also categorized and characterized according to its source of origin. Wastewater management being a major issue at both industrial and domestic levels needs to be resolved for access to quality water for use at both levels. It noted the amount of wastewater generated by a single individual daily amount to about 200- 500 liters per day. This paper will thus evaluate the two superior methods of wastewater management and treatment, which are composed of: biological and chemical methods.
Situation and problem
The issue of wastewater treatment is fundamentally critical in the sense that the public is most cases experiences use of contaminated water, experiences water shortage and inability to recover water, which is a scarce resource, violation of the existing water act, as well as increasing health and medical issues such as Cholera issues as ever-increasing demand for water by the ever-rising population is experienced, as the public uses any water sources at their disposition. The major solutions to the wastewater treatment include:

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