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THE SPIRITUAL ARMOR IN EPHESIANS 6:10-18. Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


1. Detail the significance of each piece of Spiritual Armor
2. Detail the importance of believer to wear the Spiritual Armor


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The deadly enemy mankind has to constantly battle with is Satan. He often tempts man to act contrary to God‘s will. Satan is a master deceiver; he attacks Christians with lies to make them doubt God. For this reason, the Armor of God, as described by Apostle Paul in Ephesians 6: 10- 18, is the spiritual defense that protects believers from constant attacks by Satan. Paul saw himself as Gods' warrior and using the example of the Roman military attire, Paul expresses the vision of the spiritual battle through his letter to instruct all believers to put the armor of God. The full armor of God includes the belt buckled around the waist, the breastplate, the shield, the helmet, and the sword. This paper describes the significance of each piece of the spiritual armor and the importance of believers wearing this spiritual armor in preparation for the spiritual battle.
The bible describes Satan as an enemy of man; he attacks vulnerable Christians who doubt God. Paul being aware of Satan, he warned the Ephesus to prepare for the spiritual battle by wearing a full armor of God in anticipation of Satan's attack. The book of Ephesians presents Paul’s instruction to the Ephesus, giving them instructions in his absence to prepare for the greater battle to defeat Satan. Paul encouraged his followers to keep away from Satan scheme by depending on God. Although God is invisible, he can protect us from our enemies. If only we use the Armor of God properly, it provides solid protection against Satan's onslaught. Paul refers to a fully dressed Roman soldier to present a vision of Christians who are soldiers in God's kingdom. Paul's description of the six elements of full armor, including the belt, body armor, boots, shield, helmet, and sword. All the six elements are symbols that guide Christians in fighting the spiritual battle.

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