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Wastewater Treatment by Membrane Bio Reactor Biomedical Research (Research Proposal Sample)


Topic- Wastewater Treatment by Membrane Bio Reactor
Main objective of this study was characterizes the in MBRs and filtration and treatability of industrial wastewater, applications of MBRs and future opportunities.

3 pages double space 12 times new roman
This paper should include
History of the wastewater treatment and reuse.
Advanced wastewater treatment and monitoring technologies, such as membrane bioreactors, electrochemical systems; denitrifying bio filters, and disinfection technologies.
The main objective is presents an evolution of technologies, from conventional through advanced for reliable and sustainable wastewater treatment and reuse.


Waste Treatment by membrane Bio Reactor
As water scarcity continues to be a significant problem globally and as the world population continues to increase, the need for water treatment is imperative. Stabilization ponds, mechanical systems and bioreactors have all been used in waste water management with inadequate understanding of their efficacy. Currently, the usage if Bio Reactor for waste treatment is very significant since it became so cost effective. Main objective of this study is to characterize the in MBRs and filtration and treatability of industrial wastewater. Membrane Bioreactor was invented as a combination of two forms of treatment systems where solid separation was accomplished by filtration and not gravity. The modern day bioreactors are combined together and performs filtration efficiently. For this method of water purification, waste water is passed through a tube system that has both anoxic and noxic sections that act on the waste water making it pure by the time it passes to the other end of the tube. There are many types of membranes used in the system. They include microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, dialysis and electrodialysis. The main advantage of membrane bioreactors is that they are cheaper and very effective in water purification. Also, the bioreactors occupy small area as compared to other treatment options. Although the use of membrane bioreactors is common for small scale treatment plants, it has also been used for large scale water treatment. In Germany, USA and China, large scale waste water treatment plants have been established using membrane bioreactor technology. It is expected that this trend will continue in the near future with increased demand for waste water treatment methodologies

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