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The Trew Era Café. Business & Marketing Research Proposal (Research Proposal Sample)


a POWER POINT PRESENTATION summarizing a market analysis on a chosen organization. (preferred to choose a restaurant). the analysis involved FEASIBILITY analysis of the services, project model, COMPETITION analysis, stakeholders and challenges on the market.


The Trew Era Café
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The Trew Era Café is a multidimensional café branded with a quality theme to offer better shopping and café services. The Café is located in the horizons of the tropical rainforest. The image of the tropical woodland's and the cool mist has attracted numerous customers to visit and shop on the café. Correspondingly, making of food and beverages precise theme has attracted the customers worldwide to visit the restaurant. The Trew Era Café has a retail area that offers items ranging from the cooking of sauces and personal accessories commonly the clothing's, woodland artifacts and children toys. Majority of the objects and the accessories carries the Trew Era Café brand name which has helped in promoting awareness and advertisement to other local regions.

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