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The Proposed Employee Reward System Implementation: Benefits/Outcomes (Research Proposal Sample)


The assignment was a to prepare the student a proposal to implement a recommendation that they had been awarded at the university.


Proposal to Implement Employee Reward System
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Employee reward system is one of the strategies that a company can put in place as a way of motivating and encouraging its employees to work harder and generate more output using minimal resources such as labour, time and capital (Madera, Dawson, Guchait & Belarmino 2017). Maximizing the output is a core object of the human resource department and thus it is their core responsibility of making sure that their employees are in the right mindset and conditions to perform.
Air Asia is one of the lowest-cost Malaysian airlines. It is the largest airline in Malaysia and the world in terms of fleet size and its destinations. It operates both internal and international flights of more than 25 countries (MYX 5099). For a series of years, Air Asia has been ranked as the best in the world in terms of lower cost in international and airline awards.
The Proposed Employee Reward System Implementation
There are quite a number of employee reward systems that a company can choose to incorporate in order to encourage and motivate its employees to produce more. Rewards systems are made to uplift the morale of the employees and push them to produce more. Since the Malaysia Air has been affected by the problem of employee negligence which has subsequently led to poor service delivery, their choice of the reward system is allow each passenger to give a loyalty point to the staff who serves them and this point would converted into the employee's annual leave.
Benefits/Outcomes of the Recommendation
One of the expected benefits of the proposed recommendation is that employees of the Airline will be motivated to give the best service to their customers at all time and this will drive an increase in the number of clients will which lead to a subsequent rise in sales. As a result the financial benefit aspect of the company will be uplifted. Secondly, the company will expect a more serious engagement and commitment to work by their employees as each individual will strive to give the best knowing that at the end, there is a benefit of winning an annual leave. This type of engagement and commitment will lead to an expounded way of solving any arising issues or problems within the company. Once such dragging issues are handled and managed in the right way, the aspect negligence will gradually disappear and every employee will get back on track to work to their level best. Earnings per share of the company will increase and costs in specific operating areas will be reduced therefore making the organization yield a profit. Customer benefit will also be enhanced through meeting their demands and satisfactions (DuFour, R., & DuFour, R., 2010). 
Quantification/Measurement of the Results
The benefits earned will be measured in various ways that includes looking that the current number of clients and comparing with the figures of the previous clients. If there will be a rise in the number of clients, then the recommendation will have yielded a positive feedback. A decrease in the number of employees will me

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