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Marketing Research Proposal: Walmart Stores Incorporated (Research Proposal Sample)




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Walmart Stores Incorporated is an American retail corporation. The corporation owns grocery stores, hypermarkets, and discount department stores. It operates as a multinational corporation with business in about thirty countries around the world. This paper will analyze the financial statements of the corporation based on the annual reports of the year 2014, 2015 and 2016. The basis of deferred tax assets and liabilities will be analyzed. The financial analysis will also look at the tax provisions in the most recent years. The policy framework used in the tax provision together with the financial factors will be looked at in this financial analysis.
The Amount of Deferred Tax Assets or Deferred Tax Liabilities on the Balance Sheet 2014-2016
As of the year ended 2016 in its balance sheet, Walmart had US$7.321 billion in deferred income tax. This was a reduction from the previous year, 2015 of US$8.805 billion. Walmart used the balance sheet method in the presentation of all its income taxes. In its consolidated statement of income, the company made current provision for income tax of US$7.584 billion. The deferred provision in the same period amounted to US$1.026 billion. For the previous year ended 2015, the current provision for income tax amounted to US$8.504 billion and US$519 in the deferred provision for deferred income tax. Similarly for the year ended 2014 the provisions for deferred income tax were US$8.619 billion and US$514 million for current and deferred respectively (Annual report, 2015).
The deferred tax asset and liabilities arise from the taxable temporary difference. The taxable temporary difference is the difference between the carrying amounts of the assets and liabilities and their tax base. This amount also relates to the period the revenue and expenses were recognized in the book value and the tax return. It reflects the future tax implication of the same. Deferred tax asset is a prepaid tax expense. Any overpayment in tax expenses is refundable to the company. A deferred tax liability is the payable future tax expense based on the current transactions. This liability arises from the taxable temporary differences.

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