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Prevalence of Search Engine Marketing in Brand Positioning (Research Proposal Sample)


The task involved writing a research proposal on the prevalence of search engine marketing in brand positioning. The format was supposed to be apa.


Prevalence of Search Engine Marketing in Brand Positioning
A Research Proposal by (Name of Student) (Student’s Registration No.)
Various firms employ and rank the search engines in different ways in a bid to differentiate their brands from the competitors according to e-commerce research. Through the synthesis of the necessary literature from marketing, cognitive psychology,and electronic commerce, the following study puts to light the primary contextual factors which are favorable for creating online brand positioning through the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). As outlined in various surveys. It is clear that internet consumer’simplicit beliefs concerning the significance of the display order of search engine results which are activated or accelerated via feature priming. They are supposed to have a proper of the anonymous brand which appearsbefore the universally known brands in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Besides, Individuals with fundamentalInternet search skills in most cases evaluate the anonymous brand more comfortably regardless of the name attribute which is responsible for activating the search engine schema. This research entails both theoretical and practical implications for better understanding the effectiveness of the search engine optimization techniques.
Keywords: Search engine optimization, brand positioning, e-commerce, web design
Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u 1Title PAGEREF _Toc484347468 \h 42Background PAGEREF _Toc484347469 \h 72.1Search Engine in Marketing in E-commerce PAGEREF _Toc484347470 \h 92.2Contextual Effects on Brand Evaluations PAGEREF _Toc484347471 \h 112.3Information Display Format in E-Commerce PAGEREF _Toc484347472 \h 122.4Internet Users’ Schema of Search Engine Display PAGEREF _Toc484347473 \h 132.5Priming and Schema Activation PAGEREF _Toc484347474 \h 142.6Search Engine Ranking Effect on Brand Evaluations PAGEREF _Toc484347475 \h 153Sample Survey PAGEREF _Toc484347476 \h 173.1Search engine Ranking Factors PAGEREF _Toc484347477 \h 173.2Correlations PAGEREF _Toc484347478 \h 183.2.1Page-Level Keyword Usage Features PAGEREF _Toc484347479 \h 183.2.2Page-Level Keyword Agnostic Features PAGEREF _Toc484347480 \h 183.2.3Page-Level Link-Based Features PAGEREF _Toc484347481 \h 193.2.4Domain-Level Keyword Usage Features PAGEREF _Toc484347482 \h 193.2.5Domain-Level Keyword-Agnostic Features PAGEREF _Toc484347483 \h 193.2.6Domain-Level Link-Authority Features PAGEREF _Toc484347484 \h 193.2.7Anchor Text Features PAGEREF _Toc484347485 \h 203.2.8Social and Brand Features PAGEREF _Toc484347486 \h 203.2.9Other Features PAGEREF _Toc484347487 \h 203.3Survey Results PAGEREF _Toc484347488 \h 203.4Methodology PAGEREF _Toc484347489 \h 213.4.1Overview PAGEREF _Toc484347490 \h 213.4.2Data set Construction PAGEREF _Toc484347491 \h 213.4.3Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) PAGEREF _Toc484347492 \h 223.4.4Statistical Analysis PAGEREF _Toc484347493 \h 223.4.5Mean Spearman Correlations PAGEREF _Toc484347494 \h 223.4.6Overall Prominence PAGEREF _Toc484347495 \h 234Research Question, Aims, and Objectives PAGEREF _Toc484347496 \h 235Method PAGEREF _Toc484347497 \h 255.1Research Design PAGEREF _Toc484347498 \h 255.2Research Strategy PAGEREF _Toc484347499 \h 285.3Type of Data Required PAGEREF _Toc484347500 \h 295.4Data Collection PAGEREF _Toc484347501 \h 305.5Analysis Techniques PAGEREF _Toc484347502 \h 305.6Discussion PAGEREF _Toc484347503 \h 306Timescale PAGEREF _Toc484347504 \h 317Resources PAGEREF _Toc484347505 \h 348References PAGEREF _Toc484347506 \h 35
An online search of information is a ubiquitous and critically significant activity in e-commerce (Gefen & Straub, 2000). Search engines occupy a greater percentage in the online world; most of the internet users these days tend to use the internet from a search engine in preference to the utilization of a straight link from another internet page (Introna& Nissenbaum, 2000; Telang et al., 2004). Following the increased significance of searches, search engines play key roles as critical links between corporations that extensively use the Internet to build their imagesand their target audience (Wu et al., 2005). Firms investing in search engine marketing is growing at a faster rate, as compared to the corporations spending heavily on other online advertising. Analyst approximate that search engine marketing will shortlybe occupying a big share of the online advertising pie (Garside 2007), the main growth section for e-commerce activities (McCoy et al., 2007).
A series of research pertaining the information system domain considers how information display methods can affect the Information System user’s decisions and behaviors. In turn, the study of e-commerce has examined how information display format is likely to change consumers’ online shopping reactions. Despite the many significance of display methods, an individual aspect relating to the order of search engine result pages on user response has yet to get a critical attention (Evans, 2007). The order of display flow of the search engine results is likely to shape the brand perceptions as revealed by the Practioner literature. It is therefore evident that by extending into the effect of a display format in the Information System, the following study aims at identifying a different route, that is, the display order of search engine results, by which display format could bear significance to the e-commerce Agencies.
Search engine optimization is a process which helps to accelerate a given website together with its contents so that it always appears on the first page hence enabling the site to be visited more frequently. Besides, Search engine optimization (SEO) enables the sites to gain excellent rankings in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), by a search on the search engine using a keyword to research on a particular phenomenon. Websites that appear on the first pages on the search engines are given priorities and tend to get most of the visits by the search engine users. There exist various optimization methods for optimization of the websites; these techniques include; image optimization, keyword optimization, and the creation of back links (Pirkola, 2009).
Search Engine Optimization is critical in marketing; it is mostly used by small firmsto help them rise. The Search Engine Optimization helps the small business to have their inferior brands appear on top of the preferred brands from the public corporations. Once a brand appears on the top pages in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), the name is likely to receive a significant attention which will drive the target audience to get to know more about the brand and even purchase it hence creating revenue for the inferior firms. There also exists cases when the internet experts can notice the existence of unknown brands in the from search engine pages, under search circumstances, the experts can gain curiosity and end up checking the product hence giving the product higher ranking. Search Engine Optimization makes Search Engine Marketing and positioning a lot easier.
Excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aids to the building of preferred brands and brand identity on a digital platform where the users check these brands. Search engine optimization campaign enables the betterment of the search engine ranking ensures the identity of a given brand with successful firms. The marketing of a given brand on the same platform as the public corporations is likely to market and increase the value of the brand in question (Dou et al., 2010).
Application of search engines is a critical and highly significant tool which goes a long way to ensuring good rapport, maintaining sales and above all, thebuilding of pleasant brands for the target audience. The above study significantly focuses on the marketing aspect of the search engine and checking if various vendors are capable of distinguishing different brand offerings by Search Engine Optimization in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) (Lalisan, 2007).
The internet is a drastically growing technology, and currently, about 90% of the world’s population have access to the web. Besides, the use of the internet is easy, and hence, most individuals are in a position to use the internet without any struggle. The tremendous growth of the web and its simplicity have worked to the advantage of various firms and agencies for marketing purposes. It is evident that marketing or advertisement for that matter carried out on the search engines is capable of reachingadiverse audience from all walks of the world. The advertisement carried out on the search engines bears anadamant advantage of making the brand in question vigorous and well-known around the world.Search engines have become critical and equally important and are used by most firms in carrying out advertisement functions. Search engines have become popular in the present day and are utilized for the marketing of various brands with most advertisers focusing on the search engines branding impact rather than the actual visits on their web pages. Search engines have influenced the internet users in different ways and have gone as far as shaping the tastes and preferences of various vendors through successful search engine optimization which puts various brands on the from pages of the search engines. A lot of questions and debates have arisen regarding the changing behavioral impact of the search engines despite the various firm’s reports in support of the same. Investigations are still going on to determine whether the search engines have the capacity to manipulate the behavior of its users.Looking at the search engines from a managerial angle, the internet is capable of leveling the playing ground firms through the search engine marketing efforts be it large scale or even small scale for that matter.
Firms that perform their marke...
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