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The Role of Entrepreneurship Leadership (Research Proposal Sample)


The purpose of the paper was to understand the role of Entrepreneur leadership


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Executive Summary
Many business organizations in the world today were commenced by entrepreneurs who accepted to be risk-takers, engaging in innovation activities as attributing themselves to make a profit for their own. As a result of being entrepreneurs, sustainable business organizations are born to being as such that they can withstand the dynamic changes in the business environment. The particular business organizations are the concerned stakeholders in upholding the functionality of a specific society, thus bringing into being the existing relationship between the society and the business organization developed. the primary purpose of this study is to provide a clear overview of entrepreneur influence on social capital and change propensity. The paper will revolve around a discussion on organizational structure, performance management, and organizational leadership.
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc70398997 \h 2Introduction PAGEREF _Toc70398998 \h 4Methodology PAGEREF _Toc70398999 \h 5Systematic Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc70399000 \h 6Keywords PAGEREF _Toc70399001 \h 6Theoretical Framework PAGEREF _Toc70399002 \h 6Literature review PAGEREF _Toc70399003 \h 8Influence of Entrepreneurial leadership PAGEREF _Toc70399004 \h 8SOCIAL CAPITAL PAGEREF _Toc70399005 \h 9Entrepreneurial Leadership and organizational Flexibility PAGEREF _Toc70399006 \h 10Relationship between Entrepreneurial leadership and Marketing orientation PAGEREF _Toc70399007 \h 11Encouraging Team spirit PAGEREF _Toc70399008 \h 12Attracting and retaining talent PAGEREF _Toc70399009 \h 13Improving knowledge management PAGEREF _Toc70399010 \h 13Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility PAGEREF _Toc70399011 \h 14Organizational Structure PAGEREF _Toc70399012 \h 15CHANGE PROPENSITY PAGEREF _Toc70399013 \h 17Entrepreneurial leadership on employee job satisfaction PAGEREF _Toc70399014 \h 17Risk-taking leadership and innovations PAGEREF _Toc70399015 \h 18Innovation performance PAGEREF _Toc70399016 \h 18Entrepreneurial leadership and Change management PAGEREF _Toc70399017 \h 20Limitation of the study PAGEREF _Toc70399018 \h 21Research findings and discussion PAGEREF _Toc70399019 \h 21Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc70399020 \h 22References PAGEREF _Toc70399021 \h 25
For a long time, many Entrepreneur is a topic that has been the concern of many researchers, their main concern was to provide relevant information relating to social capital and leadership management on entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial activity is regarded as the engine of wealth since it considers innovations, quality management approaches, and business environment that favorable CITATION Alv07 \l 1033 (Alvarez & Barney, 2007). When entrepreneurship is mentioned, the sense of leadership management and social establishment must be mentioned, and that they cannot be ignored. Therefore, the entrepreneur is fundamental when solving social challenges and management constraints that might negatively affect the running of an organization. Entrepreneurship is a key element that enables entrepreneurs to maintain their competencies especially when dynamic changes are experienced.
Entrepreneurship advocates the entire management to boost their sense of leadership by always evaluating both internal and external operations of the business. Christian Harrison, 2019 in his research concluded that entrepreneurial leadership is proportional to the performance of the organization this is through implementing innovative approaches and developing a profound customer orientation process CITATION Har192 \l 1033 (Harrison, 2019).
Entrepreneurial activities encourage the development of a systematic organizational structure. A systematic organizational structure in an organization allows clear delivery of information from and to all management levels. Communication is a primary element that cheers the process of achieving the set strategic goals and objectives. The organizational structure prevents the organization from delivering wrong information to a different individual, thus its main elements are the channels of communication. The entrepreneurial organization is enhancing the development of sustainable business operations which promoted competitive business operations.
Social capital is explained as the aspects relating to social life this includes norms, the social trust which facilitates mutual benefit. The system of the community enables the individual persons to mutually perceive entrepreneurial opportunities. The concept of social capital is extensively evaluating the process of dealing with the business operations that meets their demands, this promotes positive progress both to the business organization and the society. Entrepreneurial activities allow society to always reject negative business activities that could influence societal health CITATION Bak05 \l 1033 (Baker & Nelson, 2005).
Social Capital and entrepreneurial activities are essential when developing a healthy business environment. Entrepreneurship is encouraged when people can access essential resources through the social network approach. Dana & Light, 2012 states that when the membership of social capital increases, people tend to perceive opportunities that will allow them to engage in business entrepreneurial activities CITATION Dan12 \l 1033 (Dana, 2012). Sometimes, the social capital obstructs entrepreneurial practices, expressly when the social capital network is prevented from accessing the available resources. Entrepreneurial activities promote social-economic progress, thus promoting the livelihood of the society. Society capital carries the real existence of entrepreneurial activities, customers are make up the society while the society is also benefiting from the services provided by an entrepreneur. The existence of labor and natural resources supports the fact that entrepreneurship depends entirely on society.
To provide a profound literature review on the topic provided and the related concept, the study centrally rotates on the academic inquiries provided by different intellectuals. The primary aim of using academic inquiries is to obtain enough knowledge from different scholars. It is also important since it encouraging the mapping of current intellectuals as it tries to answer common questions relating to the topic provided. Systematic review as used in this adopts the replicable, transparent, and scientific evidence, thus it differs from the traditional review. A systematic review in management studies must transparent, inclusive, and explanatory, therefore, the review provides current knowledge and an insight view on matters relating to management.
Systematic Literature Review
The systematic literature review is a recognized method of producing reliable knowledge, especially from evidenced-based approaches. This paper provides a review of different scholars who have devoted themselves to answer the common question of entrepreneurial influence on capital market and leadership management. The systematic literature reviews on this study provide facts from different backgrounds of understanding, it supports the influence of entrepreneurship on social capital and the organizational management changes experienced by business firms CITATION Bag20 \l 1033 (Bagheri, Newman, & Eva, 2020). At the end of the review, it will be clear that entrepreneurship is an important factor in uplifting the social capital, and again when realizing the business goals and objectives. The main concern of this literature review is to explain the following objectives.
1 To explain the importance of entrepreneur leadership on the society
2 To explain the role of entrepreneurship in propensity change.
Keywords: Entrepreneur Leadership, Management, Social Capital, Change propensity, innovation performance, and organizational structure
Theoretical Framework
For many years entrepreneurial leadership has contributed to positive changes in different business organizations. It is the process of organizing and motivating a group of people to work towards achieving common goals by considering the entrepreneurial feature. It is also outlined as the ability of a group of people to work as a team to create a positive image of the organization by introducing new ideas to the market when different uncertainties are experienced. According to Alvarez, & Barney, 2010, entrepreneurship leadership is an important element in decision making. The organizational management must understand the optimism of taking a business risk when anticipating to make decisive decisions.
Baker & Nelson, 2005 in their research indicates that organizational leadership should demonstrate their executive role effectively especially during decision making. Organizational leadership needs to implement performance measures when improving organizational performance. Motivating staff members is a performance measure that enhances effective organizational operations, providing the employee with a good working environment should be advocated by the entire leadership CITATION Bak05 \l 1033 (Baker & Nelson, 2005).
According to Volery, Siemens, 2015, organizational structure is a crucial management approach. The organizational structure takes the first stage of determining the coordination and monitoring of all activities within an organization CITATION Von19 \l 1033 (Von Siemens, 2019). The business organization uses entrepreneurial leadership to articulate what is needed to be achieved. Active organizational structure allows the management leadership to effectively delegate d...

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