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Impact of Employee Localization on The Marketplace Research Proposal (Research Proposal Sample)


this was a research proposal on the impact of the employee localization in the workplace. the research proposal was centred on SAudization


The Impact of Employee Localization on The Marketplace
Saudi Arabia has experienced a significant increase in the number of foreign workers which has constrained the job opportunity available for its citizens. Due to this, the government of Saudi Arabia has moved fast and enacted measures to curtail the ramifications of the Saudi Arabian netizens who are seeking employment (De Bel-Air, 2016). The reality of how things are is now an eye-opener for the government of Saudi Arabia which is training the citizens to replace the foreign workers - this is known as Saudization. The Saudization was rigorously implemented by the government via the Sixth Development plan between 1995 and 1999. A decree was issued by the Ministry of Planning to the private firms that have more than 20 non-Saudis employees to reduce them by at least 5% every year (Al-Asfour & Khan, 2014). The companies were warned that failure to comply with this statute would make them lose government support, the visas of their new recruits would be canceled, and no renewal would be processed for the preexisting work permits of the expatriate personnel.

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