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Power-Save Robotic Hand with an Intelligent Grip-Lock Mechanism (Research Proposal Sample)


This is a proposal for a mechanical engineering project. The aim of this project is to develop a robotic hand prototype to illustrate that a latching mechanism can be used to reduce the amount of power a robotic hand consumes during its normal operations, and this will be primarily done by developing a one way electrically lockable sprocket mechanism that locks a grip in very small movements. This project uses a microcontrollers and stepper motor drivers on the hand to control the movements and initiate the locking of the various parts of the hand for gripping. The use of an onboard microcontroller in the hand allows for the use of serial communication from the main arm controller, thereby reducing the number of cables running through the arm that hosts the hand, which reduces cost and chances of failure. The project will use custom parts and control mechanisms designed to be reliable and accurate.


Design, Analysis, And Fabrication of Power-Save Robotic Hand with an Intelligent Grip-Lock Mechanism
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Design, Analysis, And Fabrication of Power-Save Robotic Hand with an Intelligent Grip-Lock Mechanism
Robots are built to perform repetitive tasks in various automated areas. Robotic arms are the most common robots, especially found in manufacturing industries. They aid in grasping, welding, painting, and other tasks that need high precision and speed. Such kinds of tasks are simply overwhelming to human beings and therefore best done by automated machines. Robotic arms need end effectors, which are also known as End of Arm Tooling (EOAT).

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