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Urban Forest Planting Proposal Engineering Research Proposal (Research Proposal Sample)


is about Developing and maintaining an efficient urban forest in environmentally sustainable manner
this sample seek to examine my academic understanding, expertise, skills and experience in the writing field


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1 Introduction
1 Background
Since the City of Hong Kong is mainly comprised of buildings and artificial surfaces with limited tree cover, shade does not come naturally to several parts of the City CITATION Zha13 \l 1033 (Zhang & Jim, 2013). These high-density developments have led to poor-quality and congested environments, both above and below the surfaces. Developing and maintain an efficient urban forest has numerous social, economic and environmental advantages including reducing energy use and incidental utility expenses, reducing the impact of adverse urban temperatures and expanding wildlife habitat CITATION Hau13 \t \l 1033 (Hau, 2013). To ensure that Hong Kong's majorly man-made urban forest are developed and at the same time maintained requires active management CITATION Sal16 \l 1033 (Salbitano, Borelli, Conigliaro, & Chen, 2016). It is important to note that urban forests include all the trees and shrubs, whether in groups or individual, located within an urban environment including those located on private properties.
There have been increased calls for the development of sustainable cities CITATION Hau13 \l 1033 (Hau, 2013). Forests and trees are essential resources in achieving sustainability as they form part of people’s livelihoods, assist in the conservation of the environment and promotes national economic growth. City-sustained urban forests include trees located in the parks, the street right of ways and other publicly owned and controlled facilities CITATION Zha13 \l 1033 (Zhang & Jim, 2013). Such trees ought to respond to the wide variety of needs through maximizing the combination of generally accepted priorities, expectations and values of a particular area.

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