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How Does Fairness Affect Morality? (Research Proposal Sample)


DUE ON THE 8th by NOON- The Proposal (requirements) (3 Pages)
The proposal should include your proposal thesis, an outline, and an annotated bibliography, The annotated bibliography should include least TWO academic sources, either academic journal articles, books, or essays from academic books.DO NOT CITE OR QUOTE encyclopedia articles, websites or non academic works
ON THE 27th by NOON -The Paper (requirements)(6pages) Conduct an argument that engages with the theme of the course. In the paper quote the works that we have read by Rawls, and at least 2 academic philosophic sources either academic journal articles academic book or essay from an academic book. DO NOT CITE OR QUOTE encyclopedia articles, websites, or non- academic works (3,000) words The class book: Rawls, Justice as Fairness pp 1-24, 24-38, 39-66, 72-79, 114, 135-140, 158-162, 80- 106, 119-130, 180-202, 140-142.
Word count listed at the beginning, ALL WORK writttvwen in the third person


How does fairness Affect Morality
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How does fairness Affect Morality
Fairness is a notion that focuses on the behaviors associated with logical judgements. It is recommended that individuals embrace the notion of fairness in their judgements in all aspects of life. The only way to fully include fairness is through rational reasoning. Much may be accomplished in terms of problem solving with fairness in judgment M. A large majority of people who think straight, so to speak, come up with excellent answers to their problems. That is the fundamental concept of justice. Morality, on the other hand, may be defined as any behavior that is regarded ethical and acceptable in society. Fairness has a direct impact on morality. This is because people are deemed to have acted morally when they act in a right manner. As a result of logical judgment, this notion of right action has emerged. This suggests that justice has a direct impact on morality. When we are ethical in our judgements, it simply means that we would have acted ethically. This demonstrates the impact of justice on morality. To put it another way, fairness has a beneficial impact on the idea of morality. The purpose of this study is to answer the topic of how fairness influences morality.

Because fairness is a notion that surrounds matters concerned with logical thinking and how well we may offer our judgment, it suggests that it is linked to the concept of morality. With such a strong link between the two concepts, I believe that fairness has an impact on morality. These two ideas are inextricably linked; one leads to another. There is no way a person may claim to have done morally if they made an erroneous judgment. If individuals pass judgment unfairly, it becomes unethical. Unfair judgment would cause the victims of the judgment to endure a variety of consequences, the most of which would be psychological. This means that when a judge renders an unjust verdict, it merely indicates that the actions were unethical and hence immoral. Fairness and morality are connected in the sense that how one applies the first idea influences the outcome of the second.

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