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Effects of stress on the performance of nursing Students. (Research Proposal Sample)


a research proposal on the Effects of stress on the performance of nursing Students


Effects of stress on the performance of nursing Students
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Effects of stress on the performance of nursing Students
Background to the Study.
The term stress is broad, and its application is in many disciplines and perspectives. Stress refers to the situation in which an individual has a dynamic interaction with the environment (Shultz 2011, p.8). In the process of an individual interacting with the environment, there are limitations and demands as well as opportunities that are related to work that may seem threatening to surpass the skills and resources that are at the disposal of the individual (Millgram et al. 2019, p.143). Therefore, stress may be denoted to be any stimulus, be it psychological or physical, that disturbs the adaptive state of that individual as well as provoking a coping response from the individual (Gomathi, Jasmin, and Baba 2017, p.107).
Scholars are increasingly developing interest in research in this area since we live in a world and environments that have many stressful circumstances. The implications of stress in the lives of individuals is a global phenomenon. Stress has become part and parcel of the life of human existence, and it has been feted to be the price that human beings pay to stay alive (Donovan, Doody and Lyons 2013, p.969).
The American Academy of Family Physicians points out that of all the visits to the family doctor, two-third of them are stress-related. This revelation underscores how serious the issue of stress is. It is important to note that stress is inevitable to human beings; however, how individuals react to the stressful stimulus varies from one individual to another. How individuals respond to stressful situations is dependent on their coping capabilities in various life situations (Donovan, Doody, and Lyons, 2013, p.970).
Nursing students are also susceptible to stress due to the transitional nature of life in college. Studies have shown that if the stress levels in the nursing students are high enough, then the stress has the capability of affecting the health and the academic functions of the students (Saleh, Camart and Romo 2017, p19, Matsumoto, Egawa, Kimura and Hayashi 2019, p.26; Khawaja, Chan and Stein 2017, p.604; Lekan, Ward and Elliott 2018, p.46). In nursing school, the students are subjected to various stressors, which may include pressure of the nursing curriculum, the angst the succeed, difficulties to integrate into the system, uncertain future, as well as financial and relationship issues (Almesalm, Stephane and Boy 2017, p.789). Nursing schools have now been identified as stress hotspots, and this stress has an adverse effect on the academic performance as well as the psychological well being of these students (Gomathi, Jasmin and Baba 2017, p.107; Llego, Gabriel and Corpus 2018, p.86; Daniel et al. 2018, p.8).

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