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Research Proposal About Obesity As A Complex Issue (Research Proposal Sample)



Obesity is such a complex issue that has become the topic of heated debates today. It is an illness of becoming fat or overweight. It is a physical problem that holds sway over the psychological and social effects on the affected individuals. It is true that everyone attributes the responsibility towards obesity to different parties. Yet, the issue depends on how to consider the phenomenon from different perspectives which could mirror the reality of the matter itself.
The topic of obesity as it will be developed in the topic at hand stems from a lack of awareness on the part of different entities. Such awareness may be personal, social, psychological, and even economic. The victim here remains always the individual; he is prone to this illness more than any other entity. Solving the problem, that is looking for a solution to cure and prevent such an illness, does not happen overnight. The issue should be addressed seriously. One has to dig deep to understand the crux of the matter, therefore the responsible factors and sides triggering this phenomenon. In particular, obesity is cause by fast food restaurants and aggravated by our individual behaviors, that is, our personal choices. No matter how objectively or subjectively the topic of obesity will be tackled, residing in fast food restaurants and individuals as responsible entities would not be dispensed with.
The anticipated audience of the very researched topic are people affected by obesity, people who have phobia of obesity, fast food restaurants workers and owners, and perhaps healthy people who curious enough to learn about the topic. Reading about something may help a lot in spreading awareness among individuals of different health issues.
My main purpose is to bring to the fore how fast food restaurants are causative of increasing rates of obesity among individuals in a variety of ways such the bad quality of products, fruits and vegetables, the use of dirty cooking pans and tools, and the inappropriate combination of dishes put on menus for customers. At the same time, the role of individuals in exacerbating obesity will be shown through the quality and quantity of food they choose to eat ...
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