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Health Policy: Change Policy on Child and Elder Care (Research Proposal Sample)


Health policy unfolds daily and drives clinical practice in the U.S. You will investigate current policies or legislation underway for a specific health-related issue and develop a scholarly, APA-formatted paper supported by evidence. The policy paper rubric:
Introduction to population or problem (incidence, prevalence, epidemiology, cost burden, etc.)
Description of how the policy is intended for a specific population, program, or organization
Specific legislators involved in the policy development and dissemination
Identify the role of the APRN in assisting with the policy or refuting the policy – this requires the evidence to support opinion, ideas, and/or concepts
Discuss how the policy influences clinical practice and is used to promote best outcomes
Examine how the policy can be used by the interprofessional team to ensure coordinated and comprehensive care for the specific population
Conclusion – summarize findings
APA format – use of primary peer-reviewed references as much as possible


Change Policy on Child and Elder Care
The most social and economic problem in the United States is the provision of child and elder care. The care for children and adults has become a major challenge in the United States since most adult children are uninsured and others cannot afford insurance services. The total population in the United States that is affected by insurance issues is approximately 9 million children. The fact that millions of the children are underinsured and one of eight young people in the United States are not insured indicates that the nations have issues with child and elder care. The effects of child and elder care in the United States result from an increase in medical costs, underinsured position and an uninsured number of children (Popescu, 2014). Therefore, policies regarding the reduction of medical expenses should be enacted in the United States to help adult children to have equal access to medical services.
The prices of prescribed drugs have escalated in the United States making advanced practice nurses to face challenges in offering healthcare services to children. For instance, the prices of the Daraprim drug has increased by 5000%, Isuprel by 500%, Nitropress by 200%, and Cycloserine drug also increased from $500 to $10,800. The price of Daraprim drug increased from $13.50 to $750 after Martin Shkreli bought the rights to the drug and jacked its price. The prices of Isuprel and Nitropress drugs also increased after the rights for the drugs were bought by Valeant Pharmaceuticals International. It implies that the prices of the helpful drugs for adult children care were jacked after buying the rights by the private owners. The buying of the rights to drugs made the medical costs in the United States to increase. Hence, the healthcare program should be implemented to help the nation in caring for the children adequately.
Intention of the policy for the program
The policy for reducing the medical costs in the United States intends to help in improving the provision of child and elder care services. The health care intervention program would also assist the government to identify the children who are not covered by health insurance plan and those who are underinsured. The change policy tends to provide similar medical services to all children in the nation including the children from low-income regions.
Legislators in the development of the policy
The legislators in the policy development and dissemination include federal government and representatives from health care organizations and insurance companies. The consent of the mentioned organizations would help in making the change policy program successful. The federal government will assist in administering the health care intervention program by creating and implementing the set program for care services. Insurance companies will issue insurance coverages to the adult children to assist in getting rid of health care issues in the United States.
The role of the APRN in the policy implementation
The advanced practice registered nurses have a role of providing health care services to the adult children. The APRN are supposed to help in implementing the policy since they are the people who are responsible for drug prescription (Byrd & Clayton, 2015). If the advanced practice nurses adopt the policy by prescribing drugs at relatively lower prices, then the change policy for medical costs will be successful in the United States. As much as the rights of the drugs have been bought in the United States, the APRN have the rights to prescribe drugs to patients under the set policies governing drug administration. Therefore, the APRN would help in implementing the change policy for reducing the medical costs in the nation.
Policy influences on clinical practice
The change policy of making drug prescription affordable to all the members of the nation will make clinical practices efficient in the Un...
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