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Research Proposal: Gender Gap in Computer Science Research Proposal (Research Proposal Sample)


Open by conveying the importance of the problem and what is at stake. In other words, make the case for why the study is needed, and incorporate cited research in support of your claims.
Research Plan
Provide a clear objective and detailed research plan for your study so the client has confidence that the purpose, scope, research strategies, and metrics are in line with the organization’s needs. Questions this section should answer include:
What is the goal of my study?
What specifically will I be looking at? What will be the questions I will be trying to answer?
How will I locate the information I need? What kind of sources will I seek out? Why? You are required to reference a minimum of 5 different sources (primary or secondary) in your eventual findings (See Chapter 5 of Practical Strategies and FIU Library website)
What will be my criteria for determining the accuracy and effectiveness of researched information? In other words, what criteria will I use to evaluate the usefulness and credibility of my researched information? (See Chapter 5 of Practical Strategies and FIU Library website)
How will I use my research to arrive at my recommendations? Hint: you want to avoid just repeating what you found; rather, compare source information on a topic from multiple, credible sources and then synthesize what you think are best practices based on your analysis.
Task Plan
Make the case for why the project is feasible for you to complete and explain possible limitations you foresee in planning, researching, analyzing, and composing the final document. Also, provide a task schedule graphic for the full study (planning, execution, report) to demonstrate the deliverables will be completed in full and on time. You can reference the time frame table above for the proper dates.
Conclusion and end matter
Conclude by briefly reiterating the purpose and importance, and requesting permission to go ahead with the project. Include an APA formatted references list. (You are welcome to use a different citation style--just let me know.)


Research Proposal: Gender Gap in Computer Science
Student Name
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Research Proposal: Gender Gap in Computer Science
The ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) has identified computer science as the field with the most evident problem of gender gap, specifically the under representation of women. Computer Science is affected by a long history of male dominance. Computer Science and technologies are not simply machines, but also social relations and communication systems, so computer technology continues pre-existing social and communication patterns. Women are underrepresented in Computer Science and this gap has increased in the present times.
The number of women with earned degrees in Computer Science is so few that it has led to the under representation of women in the Computer Science industry as well. Further, the ACM-NDC survey (2017-2018), revealed the following graduation data for women in Computer Science: 26% of women graduated with a Master’s degree, and only 19% women graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. Freeman and Aspray (2009) pointed out that if the number of women in the Computer Science workforce were increased to equal the number of men, even the tremendous shortage of workers noted by the ITAA (Information Technology Association of America) studies could be filled. 

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