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Inequality In The Criminal Justice System Research (Research Proposal Sample)


it is a research proposal about on inequality in the justice system


Inequality in the criminal justice system
Inequality in the criminal justice system
Statement of objectives
Do African American stereotypes play with the racial profiling by the law enforcement? Is there structural inequality in our justice system? Today, when we read the newspapers or watch the news, we can note that they portray most criminals as Hispanics or African Americans. The objective of this research is to establish the extent of inequality in the justice system, especially for African-American and Hispanic people. The study seeks to answer the following questions: Do African American Males commit more crimes than their White counterparts? Does the criminal justice system treat them fairly? What factors lead to the involvement in offenses by the African American males? The research will help answer these questions to finally find out if the black people commit more crimes than the whites and whether racism plays a bigger role in the justice system than we perceive.
Literature review
There are more African American males are incarcerated and arrested more than the White or Hispanic men. The Bureau of Justice Statistics in 2010 shows that the black imprisonment rate was 3166 per 100,000 black males in the United States. It also indicates that they are, in fact, incarcerated seven times more that the Whites. The Sentencing Project website, on the other hand, reports that if the current trends go on, one in three African Americans could expect to spend time in prison or jail (Kerby, 2012). Most of the population in correctional institutions contains Hispanics and Blacks. It also suggests that even when arrested without conviction, they still face the consequences that accompany the process. These include benefits from the government for the poor, problems with getting education and jobs and getting housing.
In addition to this, there seem to be disparities in drug sentencing in the African American community. The war on drugs in America is a war on the poor and the minorities (Kain, 2011). Kain reports that sixty percent black males go to jail on more drug related charges which are fourteen times higher than Whites. The National Association for Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) states that fourteen million and three million blacks use illegal drugs. However, the African-American males are more likely to be sent to prison than White men. The shocking truth is that the blacks serve a lot more time in jail on drug-related charges than the Whites do for violent delinquencies. In this research, however, there is no proof of blacks selling or using more drugs than the Whites. It is easier for the police make arrests in the black neighborhoods than trying to find drug deals in the White communities.
Racial profiling, according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), is a discriminatory practice by the law enforcement targeting individuals for crimes based on their religion, race or ethnicity (ACLU, 2012). It also states that racial profiling disregards our constitution directly. The organization says that profiling makes people live in fear in certain areas and has made some communities appear suspect. African American citizens are more likely to be stopped by the police that the Whites. Rushing found out that the black communities were over-policed. He shares an experience where he noticed that there were police cars stationed after about one hundred meters. In the book, he shares a story w...
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