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Exploring the Impact of Social Environments on Individuals and Groups (Research Proposal Sample)


The task was to write a research proposal on IMPACT of Social Environments on Individuals and Groups


Impact of Social Environments on Individuals and Groups
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Social environment is a broad concept equally vast meaning, country’s connotations, nation and divisions. Also it includes individual, ethnic, the content formed by human consciousness and the dominant ideologies and thought in the society. People create a social environment and environment creates people. Social environment therefore can be simplified as the immediate physical and social set up which people interact, live and developed structures. It includes the traditions and cultures the individual was educated, lives in or even institutions surrounding him.
Social environment has a big influence on individuals and groups. In addition, human social environment encompasses of social relationships, built infrastructures people’s definitive leadership role and occupational structures. It further addresses all demographics such as race, sex religion and gender.
This study is going to describe how social environment has an impact on people or groups. Mostly the research will focus on school administrator response to reports of bullying, victims’ willingness to report bullying to their parents.
How do School Administrators Respond to Claims of Bullying?
According to a study carried by California Healthy Kids Survey, the research show that 55% of students claim that they are harassed or are afraid of getting beaten up at some time of their school year. (Shirley & MacDonald, 2016). This study proposal seeks to address how school administrators respond to cases of bullying. It also focuses on how teachers and administrators describe their response on bullying incidences. The study finds that the response of the administrators is usually very formal and other times very casually taken. Poorly handled cases, some teachers casually handle these claims. The study shows that poorly handled reports results into increased cases and culture of bullying in schools. (Gomez, 2016). The response level and how it is handled by administrators can facilitate or help reduce bullying. Having adequate understanding of how administrator’s description and handling of bullying situations in the classroom and the school compound can further increase professional development and enhanced positive effects on general bullying. Exploring findings of the study is beneficial to both students to eradicate and reduce cases of bullying.
The study can help increase awareness and good response among all teachers and school managers to have a solid understanding and dealing with the issue amicably. It helps in professional development of teachers in handling the cases of bullies.
How do different school administrators respond to bullying cases?
Exploring different types of response from school administrators finds out that there were two types of responses. Some administrators responded by taking the matter at hand very serious and following correct procedure to deal with the case reported. And the other response was very casual which resulted to dismissal of the case.
What factors contribute to having different types of response from the administrators?
A number of factors contribute to having different types of response. First, students lying about bullying to teachers to get other students punished and second, administrators feel that they have dealt with the menace once and solved it entirely therefore no need for going over it again.
The demographic of the participants was mixed up. Children of all sex and old people, both involved in the study. This indicates that the study proposal uses a well collected data to represent most people. The sampled participants cut across all the races in the country. Kindergarten to grade 8 children was sampled for the interview and also adult teachers were sampled. The religion of the sampled was assorted as well. The region sa

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